How to decorate vintage furniture

Vintage fashion has fully established itself in decor and can make a home more special.

Despite what most of us tend to think, vintage furniture is more fashionable today than ever, and that’s because with them you can get a unique style otherwise it would be impossible. Often we may wonder why we should invest in furniture that is decades old and if so, how to combine it with more modern furniture, so today we want to give you all the keys to make your home look more beautiful. style than ever.

Flea markets, specialty stores, second hand stores… pretty much anywhere you can find a dream piece for your home and give it a different style, what’s the best? This is with almost complete certainty you will be the only person who owns this relic. In addition to owning a treasure, you will also be participating in protecting the environment by reusing and recycling furniture to give it a second chance.

Vintage furniture in fashion

Like clothes, furniture fashion is also cyclical, and that chest of drawers that you so despised when you lived with your parents, today you would give anything to have it in your modern apartment. Today we invite you to dive into the chest of memories and purchase a vintage item that plays the role of your home is a more special place.

Vintage jewelry in fashionVintage jewelry in fashion

When it comes to decorating your home, it is important that you tailor it to your personal style. There’s no use looking at interior design magazines if the style doesn’t suit your daily routine or lifestyle. When we talk about vintage furniture, we might first think of the furniture that we have in our grandmothers’ house, but no. The vintage furniture we are talking about has this property.“I don’t talk about it”an aura of mystery combined with more modern trends makes a perfect tandem.

Let’s get down to business; We can’t match all of our home’s decor with vintage furniture, but we can in small doses. What styles can we adapt to vintage? vintage furniture They are ideal for houses built in a rustic or classic style., but we can also find items that go well with a more minimalist style. Follow the tips we explain below and you will see how to get the home of your dreams.

You can place vintage furniture in all rooms of the house, examples? If you are tired of having a decoration in your bathroom that is similar to the decoration of the vast majority, you can purchase antique mirrorApart from achieving an aura of originality, you should know that mirrors make a room appear larger, making it ideal for small bathrooms.

Vintage decoration can be carried into any room of the house.Vintage decoration can be carried into any room of the house.

Another vintage piece of furniture that is popular in interior fashion is, of course, chests of drawers. Mahogany, varnished wood, unpolished wood—it can be found in many different ways, and if you’re a handyman when it comes to furniture restoration, so much the better. buy a vintage chest of drawers at your city’s flea market and update it with new paint and handles, you’ll end up with a real gem. Imagine a sixties chest of drawers made entirely of wood that fits perfectly into your classic living room.

Vintage lamps are always a safe bet, and when we talk about lamps from yesteryear, we, of course, mean crystal lamps, the so-called chandeliers. These majestic lamps are ideal for almost any room in the home, from a small library providing all your reading needs to the kitchen. They are usually not cheap, but we assure you that they are a good investment and we are seeing that on the secondary market. every year they overestimate more. Regardless, don’t give up, you will definitely find a good deal, it’s a matter of waiting and searching.

However, all that glitters is not gold, and this also applies to vintage jewelry. Often flea markets and second hand stores will label furniture as vintage that is simply worn out but has no history behind it or has not been aged enough to be considered vintage, which is why always ask for more information And if online, before purchasing, find out if it has any damage that is not visible in the photographs.

There are stores where you can find great deals on vintage furniture.There are stores where you can find great deals on vintage furniture.

There are vintage pieces of furniture that are worth making a small investment in, be it through restoration or personalization. However, we should avoid some pieces of furniture that are many years old because their restoration is not practical or due to the quality of the materials, they have deteriorated and may suffer over time. , among them we should highlight the sofa, We do not recommend purchasing a vintage sofa unless it’s completely new.

Remember that by buying vintage furniture, you will also be doing your part to improve the environment and give a second chance to those genuine gems that are still hidden.

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