How to disinfect your phone to protect yourself from coronavirus?

The mobile phone usually spends a lot of time in our hands, so in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, it is very important to disinfect it.

In the midst ‘Corona virus“Health authorities strongly recommend take extreme hygiene measures in different ways, such as washing your hands frequently, using disinfectant gels, or avoiding crowded places. However, we spend most of the day with a smartphone in our hands and even near the mouth and nosethe main routes of infection by the virus, are they not contradictory?

Use special products to clean your mobile phone.Use special products to clean your mobile phone.

Therefore, to avoid this major cluster of infections, it is best to deep cleaning procedure maintain the required level of hygiene on your mobile phone. Even major smartphone manufacturers such as Apple or Google recommend Disinfect your mobile phone frequently and correctly. For this reason, we are going to explain how you can disinfect your phone:

What you need?

  1. A couple of lint-resistant cloths (so as not to scratch the screen).
  2. Antiseptic gel or, if this is not possible, hand soap (we will use this type of soap instead of more abrasive products to protect your mobile phone).
  3. Wooden chopsticks. With their help we can carry out deep cleaning.

How can I do it?

  • First of all, before you start cleaning your smartphone, you need to know the level of water resistance the specified device. A completely waterproof phone is not the same as one that doesn’t tolerate a drop of water.
  • Second step turn off your phone and proceed to remove all accessories what do you have (cases, covers, supports…)
  • Next step dampen one of the rags (always depending on the water resistance level), after getting wet, apply a drop of soap or gel and squeeze to avoid excess water. Then proceed to clean your mobile phone using several passes on both sides and all around the edge, making sure that the screen and bottom of the mobile phone are very clean as these are the parts closest to the face.
  • After we have cleaned our smartphone well dry all corners thoroughly with a second cloth, making sure that there is no lint left on it that could get stuck in the slot.
  • If you want a deeper clean use a toothpick wood to thoroughly clean all the gaps and crevices.
Cleaning small areasCleaning small areas

If this process is done frequently, the smartphone will be clean and hence you will be less likely to contract the worrying Covid-19. Likewise, even if we are not facing a pandemic like the current Coronavirus, it is very important to clean and disinfect our mobile phone frequently as it accumulates thousands of bacteria and viruses every day.

And this is the easiest way to get rid of dirt, viruses and germs. For those people who want to do this, many brands of various devices advise doing this as described above, and do not use any cleaning products such as ammonia, glass cleaner, or any abrasive liquid, as these may also damage the phone.

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