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This technique is widely used in the art world and can be easier than it seems if you follow some guidelines and use the right materials.

Coal one of old methods in the world of art. Neanderthals had already used charcoal to paint cave walls, and since then the use of charcoal has been attributed mainly to cave art. It disappeared for many years and was no longer used by artists until it was rediscovered during the Renaissance.

It is used as a preliminary or line drawing and has gradually been commercialized and is now much more easy to purchase. It is sold in the form of sticks and even pencils, whereas previously charcoal was prepared by the artists themselves.

An ancient technique that requires a lot of patience until you gain dexterity.An ancient technique that requires a lot of patience until you gain dexterity.

Currently, charcoal sticks are one of the the most necessary materials in the world of drawing. This is an easy-to-use element, if you work with it very carefully, they can be disassembled without much effort. They are used by gently wiping the paper. a matter of patience and gain the dexterity to achieve the perfect charcoal drawing.

Proper use of charcoal

When working with this equipment, you must comply set of guiding principlesespecially if these are the first drawings with this material, that is, it is advisable to follow the guide or some steps:

You can also use blur to create flower-like textures.You can also use blur to create flower-like textures.
  • Trace the design with medium or coarse charcoal.. It will be much easier to shade later. If a mistake is made, all you have to do is tap it with a cloth and draw on it.
  • Don’t forcefully trace the drawing.. Do not press on the charcoal until the design is complete.
  • Use coal sideways. This way you can create areas with larger charcoal patches.
  • For excessively dark areas use black powder color (scratch a little with charcoal) and expand it with a sponge, being careful not to stain the rest of the design.
  • To create shadows You can blur the image with a small sponge or even your own fingers, although the most accurate option is blur. Remember to do this carefully and then look at the outline of the design.
  • You must correct the drawing step by step. This way you can prevent the already applied carbon from peeling off and use it to further darken certain areas of the paper.

Precautionary measures

It is very important to have be very careful not to smear the paper with whom we work. Very often this happens unnoticed with your fingers or regular rubber bands, resulting in stains that cannot be removed or covered. For do not scratch the drawing Using charcoal, you need to make sure that there are no knots on it and, if there are any, sand them down. Do not forget pay attention to your hands once dirty, so are your hands, because the drawing can be unintentionally stained. Use a retainer In the last drawing step, you will mount the charcoal to the paper and protect your drawing. Check a few minutes later, gently use your fingertips to avoid releasing any carbon. Do not edit or correct drawing after using the fixative.

Stages of drawing with charcoal

Choose the right materials

  • Choose various hard and soft coals. Hard ones are used to create lighter, cleaner edges, while soft ones are used for better blending and deeper lines.
  • You can choose between paper white, carbon or tinted paperdepending on the texture you want to have in your drawing.
  • You must buy one molded rubber, blur and white chalk. Molded erasers are the only ones that can completely erase chalk. They can also be used along with blurs and white chalk to create shadows and/or reflections in a drawing.
  • Always try to work with easelespecially if you are a beginner and avoid drawing on a horizontal table.
  • Buys retainer. This will keep the coal safe and sound.
To draw a charcoal drawing, you need to follow some rules.To draw a charcoal drawing, you need to follow some rules.

Hold the coal

  • You should take the coal like it’s a pencil, this way you will get more edge sharpness. If you want to create defined lines and edges
  • WITH side coal you’ll be making broader strokes.
  • Let it be your shoulder and elbow direct the blows. It’s difficult, but you’ll have to learn how to draw with charcoal while keeping your wrist away from the paper. Therefore, you will have to make the strokes in the drawing with your shoulder and elbow to allow more movement and avoid stains on the work.
Always use hard and soft charcoal for best results.Always use hard and soft charcoal for best results.

Make a drawing

  • Any drawing you are going to make will have geometric shapes. The easiest way to draw with charcoal. capture geometric shapes and draw the most basic ones, then move them slightly. It is very important to leave all the details for last and focus on the main figure first.
  • you can use pressed coal to add sharper edges to the design. After making the main parts look again the figures add more realistic features. It is advisable to use molded rubber to outline the contours of each object.
  • Blur: To add shade to charcoal, as mentioned earlier, it is best to use a mixture. If you shade with a soft pencil, you will achieve a more realistic result.
  • WITH molded eraser you can create a range of light and dark
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