How to entertain children during coronavirus quarantine

In the midst of the coronavirus health crisis, work and school have been suspended and we must stay home.

All Spanish families with children experience this confinement as a period of simultaneous work, when they are forced to carry out parents, workers and teachers in the same time. This situation has led to many parents living in constant stress, not knowing what to do with their children during these quarantine days at home, especially if they are used to doing this. many extracurricular activities outside the family home.

Technology can be your allyTechnology can be your ally

In addition, children also notice isolation, and first of all we must explain to them what it is about. Moreover, we must do this as nice as possible because this way they will be happy and, therefore, we will live much more peacefully. For this reason, in this post I provide some tips and ideas that we can do with our children to make this long confinement a pleasant memory and not such a bitter memory:

Stick to your daily routine as much as possible

These days it’s very important that both the little ones and the elders preserve our normal routine as far as possible. It is important that they do not lose the habits they had. Wake them up at their usual time or a little later, but it is important that they stick to this routine as this way they wake up and experience the day ahead as a normal day and not like on vacation.

Divide your day and manage your time each activity, provided that they always have time:

  1. Homework
  2. Physical activity
  3. Leisure

Get them involved

Make them participate too homework. This will make them feel important and want to help around the house. Obviously always depending on the age of the children.

Ask them to help make the beds, cook meals, or tidy up rooms in the house. Thanks to this initiative, they will get used to it and when the quarantine ends, they will continue to do it. good habit.

Allow them breaks

Don’t expect them to be busy all day. Allow them to sleep or rest after eating for at least 20 minutes. It is also good enjoy your holiday where they choose to sleep, watch a movie, or just relax on the couch or bed.

Once the rest time is over, they are active and you can offer them any activity that requires a little more concentration or movement.

There should also be time to restThere should also be time to rest

Give them time to play for free

They also need time off and rest even while in quarantine. Give them some time to themselves and let them decide freely what they want to do and what they want to play. Remember that electronic devices can be good as long as they do not go beyond their limitations.

Screens shouldn’t take up all that time.Using online platforms can be beneficial as long as we know how to manage time and don’t allow them to spend too much time in front of a screen.

Engage them in activities such as meditation or yoga.

Practice meditation and relaxation such as yoga or Pilates, adapted for children, will be very helpful in reducing the level of anxiety and restlessness that will arise during these limited days.

Some apps or web pages where you will find it:

  • Down Yoga: This is usually a paid subscription, but due to the current situation, it is free to use until April 1st.
  • Yoga with Ariena: Exercises are adapted to the level, mood or time available to perform the exercises.
  • Smile and learn: This children’s channel has a variety of videos that teach yoga in a more educational and kid-friendly way.
Find fun gamesFind fun games

Make sure they keep in touch with their friends.

During this time you will miss your friends and classmates So if you can, it’s a good idea to keep in touch with them through messages or video calls. You can tell each other what you’re doing these days, and also write down some ideas to add to your list of things to do during quarantine.

Having said all this, we must clearly understand that although we try to keep our little ones from getting bored, we must take into account the words Pilu Hernandez Dopico, an educator by profession, who makes a point and points out that boredom is not a bad thing: “We shouldn’t worry so much and even become obsessed.” He also points out that it is better to let them get bored and observe them: “This way we can get to know them better and learn their tastes. Moreover, we should stop making such a big deal about it. What they need is to think and thus learn to use their mind, which is incredible.“, he notes.

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be a little bored.Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a little bored.

Except, Nuria Garcia Alonso, child and adolescent psychologist and director of the Ayudarte Estudio de Psicologia, also supports this idea of ​​Pilou Hernandez. The psychologist also claims that parents must be bored too: “Now we are aware of what is really important, such as human relationships, relationships with others. And this is given to us by isolation, boredom“.

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