How to get a beautiful and eco-friendly home

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, discover these hacks that will help you adapt it to the modern world while making it beautiful.

Climate change is a real problem and it can no longer be avoided. Much has been said about preventing this problem, but the point of no return has been reached, beyond which we can only try to delay it. If you care about the environment, you can constantly look for greener solutions for your life., and one thing we don’t usually pay too much attention to is our home. Without realizing it, we are accumulating facilities and expanding them every year, which is not sustainable for the ecosystem. That is why in this article we will explain how to make your home a little more eco-friendlyto ensure that it stops creating polluting waste.

Recycle your furniture

Many times we throw out furniture, chairs, armchairs and other items from our home because we no longer like them or are outdated. It happens to everyone, but the truth is that doing it every five years will only lead to more waste. therefore, a more environmentally friendly solution is to recycle it..

Any furniture can be made from recycled materials.Any furniture can be made from recycled materials.

One way to give a second life to items you don’t like is to change their color. If you have an old piece of furniture that you don’t like the color at all, consider sanding it down and painting it, for example, black. This will give your furniture a more modern look and add elegance to your home.You can also change the handles to more modern ones. You can be sure that when you’re done doing this, your furniture will look different.

Likewise, if you don’t like chairs or armchairs, try sanding them down, painting them a different color, and upholstering them yourself in a geometric fabric that you like. Paint a chair black and put a white fabric on it and your chair and home will look completely different.and it is possible that several people who visit your home will ask you where you got these items from.

Get rid of plastic

If we take a closer look at our home, we will realize that we have more plastic than we realized; And eco-decor is not limited to the architecture and furniture of our home, but also includes plates, cups and other decorative items that are mostly made of plastic.

There are different options for decorating without plastic and replacing it with other materials.There are different options for decorating without plastic and replacing it with other materials.

It is best to look for alternatives that do not pollute our planet, so plastic should be replaced with natural materials such as bamboo, which, in addition to being an environmentally friendly alternative, gives any home an exotic and very beautiful look.

Natural design options

There are different, very original natural options for saying goodbye to plastic and getting new items into your life that are much more relevant to the current world in which we live. Here we show you several possible options:

  • Chic decoration in boho style: Based on fabrics, ropes and fabrics made from natural fibers.
  • Tribal decoration: Natural colors, red shades, geometric shapes, materials such as raffia and bamboo.
  • Rustic decor: Based mainly on materials such as wood.
  • Urban Jungle DecorationA: Based on natural light and plants as the main decorative element of our home.
  • Recycled shelves

    A way to have shelves in your home without having to go to various decor stores with the associated economic and environmental costs. this is to make an eco shelf yourself. This is very easy to do, you will only need the typical fruit boxes that are available in the markets. If you ask at the stalls, many of them will give you these boxes for free, so not only will you save a few euros, but you will also be giving those boxes a new life.

    Shelves made from recycled materials are the perfect option to be very original.Shelves made from recycled materials are the perfect option to be very original.

    Once you have them, all you have to do is sand them and paint them the color you want. White or black always go well with any home, but if you are a colorful person, Try hanging several different types of hangings on the wall and you will have your own bookshelf..

    Very natural garlands

    Natural elements such as branches, ropes and dry leaves, They give your home a very homey feel., but also very autumnal. That is why you can try to make garlands from these elements yourself.

    Using natural fiber rope in a brown tone, we will only need to add items to these ropes to create garlands. From dried sticks to trunks and leaves, you can attach a variety of fall elements to string to create garlands. A “little trick” is to hang them on the in this area of ​​the home they will stand out and give a different, more eco-friendly look to the traditional appearance of your home.

    Any decoration can be made from wood.Any decoration can be made from wood.

    wooden tags

    If you’re one of those people who likes to keep everything neatly organized with labels, you’ll love this suggestion. And with the help of a few wooden slats you can decorate any room..

    All you need is a few thin wooden planks. Cut them to size, sand the edges so they are rounded, and use a black or gold marker to color them in. write the name of what you want to label. From naming the plants in your personal garden to classifying species or organizing children’s clothes or toys.

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