How to Incorporate Art into Your Home

If you want to incorporate art into decorating your home but don’t know how to do it, here we leave you with a complete guide of ideas.

There are many people who love art and at some point in their lives think about adding some art to their home, but because they find themselves unable to combine style your home in the style of your favorite paintings or illustrations They ultimately abandon the idea.

That’s why from Bekia we are going to give you a complete guide on which room to decorate with paintings or where to use sculptures or tapestries, so if this interests you, feel free to continue reading the article.


If there’s an ideal place in any home to display some art, it’s the living room, and this room will be the first one you and your guests see, so if you want art to be the focal point in your home, you can get This hang one or more pictures in your living room (depending on its size and paintings).

Couple hanging paintings in living roomCouple hanging paintings in living room

However, one thing we must remember is that we must be careful about the range of colors that we are going to use in the paintings in relation to the colors of our home. If your painting is very colorful, your house should be painted in neutral colors.without prints and with enough restrained furniture so that all attention is paid to the picture.

Art has many options and to suit every taste, before choosing a painting or photograph, do a few tests to see how it will fit into your home.


This may not be seen in most of the homes in our country, but the moment you hang a painting or photograph in the bathroom, you will realize how good it can look in that place.

At Bekia, our favorite option is to display black and white photos in your bathroom if you want to create a harmonious and elegant room. For this, it is preferable for your bathroom to be kept in white or very faint gray tones so that the photograph can integrate well into the room.


If you’ve finally decided to add artwork to your bathroom, The first thing you should do is measure this room in your home.Since it needs to be safe above all, remember that the bathroom is a very busy place during the day, so you should consider that the pictures or photographs you hang are stable. Likewise, we must take into account the materials that we are going to use because this is a very wet area of ​​the house, so the ideal would be to use acrylic, glass or polycarbonate or so that the paints adhere well.


If you want to not only display artwork in the form of paintings or photographs in your home, you can also place unique pieces inside your home. A very creative option is to decorate your entryway with small pieces of art.

If we add a small table where we can leave our keys, a lamp and a picture, we will turn this corner of our home into a real art gallery. Also, this is the first part of the house that guests pass through, so this is your first impression Any person who comes to your home will be perceived very positively.

Kitchen decorated with paintingsKitchen decorated with paintings

The only thing you should consider to properly design the hallway of your home is symmetry. Start with the largest item and work from there to decorate the room in a way that is symmetrical and coordinates with colors.


If you want to admire artwork in your home as much as possible, a good option is to hang the artwork in the dining room, next to the table where you and your family usually sit for meals.

To give your home a little more life, you can include a colorful illustration, since the rest of your home has neutral colors or light wood, the only accent color should be the illustration as otherwise you can overwhelm the stay.


One option we like is to add artwork to the bedroom, and this can range from hanging a picture on the headboard to a decorative table or rug.

Art in the bedroomArt in the bedroom

Before you start implementing this idea, you must determine the style of your room. If this room is decorated in warm colors, try following that trend with the art you include. Warm colors help maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and calm, so if that’s what you want in your room, choose them.

But if, on the other hand, you want to fill this room in your home with vitality and energy, it is best to opt for bright colors and geometric shapes, as they give energy and strength and can be a boost to life when you wake up .

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