How to increase meters by pulling out partitions

A complete home makeover to add square footage and create a greater sense of spaciousness in small spaces.

You may have tried to increase your space by remodeling your home and moving things around a lot. But sometimes the solution is to go ahead and take risks. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took down a partition? And you can gain space by keeping a few walls to keep the space unified.

For example, if the living room and kitchen are in the same room, you can use a sofa or shelf as a divider between the two spaces, which, in addition to providing more space, will give you more visual space. The idea is to use inexpensive materials as a way to divide rooms. and thus you can create practical and original interiors. One tip: whenever you can, eliminate or shorten hallways as much as possible.


  • You will have more square footage that you can use and make useful.
  • You’ll have a broader view of the room.
  • Lighting and ventilation will be much better than with a partition between them.
  • You’ll add a new look to your home and can turn an unused area into a more versatile space.
  • If you have a beamed ceiling and a stylized metal column and paint them both black, you’ll make them stand out and make it easier to differentiate the different environments in that room without the hassle of blocking light or shrinking the space.
  • Rooms that have always been very small, such as the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, primarily benefit from integration with the adjacent room, in whole or in part, as they quickly increase in size and the house looks different.

Do you need expert help?

It is important not to get ahead of yourself and plan well how to do it, because once you take a step, going back will be very difficult, if not almost impossible, and you will not be able to. to save time and money. However, the most recommended option if you are in doubt is Have a professional analyze the structure of the home and ensure that the partition or partitions you want to remove serve a structural function or not. and act accordingly. And, although you may not know it, these partitions may contain electrical or plumbing installations inside, as well as load-bearing walls and columns.

You need to be careful and contact a specialist; the error is difficult to correct. You need to be careful and contact a specialist; the error is difficult to correct.

On the other hand, if you like open kitchens and want to share this room next to the living room, but you are not sure whether odors and smoke will spread, you can replace the solid partition with a glass one or also a sliding fence with transparent panels without profiles.

Also, you should know that If you remove the partition, you will need to properly repair the mark it leaves on the wall and ceiling.. Moreover, you may have to install a new floor that combines the previous ones. A professional in this sector will always be ready to help you with everything you need.

The job of a professional includes conducting a load study and calculating what can and cannot be done with the partition., with the possibility of using reinforcement so as not to affect its structural nature of supporting the house. The cost of all this is much higher than dismantling a simple partition.

Finally, and this is very important, you must apply for a license to work as a minor at the town hall and provide the necessary documentation related to the work being performed. And besides pay the fees requested for this, you must also arrange and pay for the placement of bags or container Throw away any waste generated.

approximate price

It is impossible to give an exact price for this work, since the amount to be paid will vary depending on various issues, such as the design of the partition structure or the number of partitions that need to be dismantled, since the wall dividing the living space, the room is no longer the same and the kitchen. than to get an open plan house to redistribute it entirely.

However, it is true that the task of demolishing a partition is not costly and neither is clearing away the debris. The approximate price for all this will be about €10/m2.not counting connections between common areas and plastering.

Other options for increasing meters without removing partitions

Thanks to sliding doors or to common areas In smaller homes, a lot of space can be gained by regaining the opening space that regular doors have. Although if you are braver, You can eliminate the doors, which will give the house a feeling of unity with the office.something that is very fashionable now.

Removing some doors can help create a feeling of spaciousness.Removing some doors can help create a feeling of spaciousness.

Another option is that you can remove your cabinet doors to achieve a greater sense of spaciousness, which is only suitable for organized people, as the inside of cabinets should always be well organized, without any compelling excuses.

Do you want to gain breadth?

It is important to gain space for your home, which can be achieved not only by demolishing walls, but also by decorating and arranging it in a certain way.


It is important to make storage the protagonist if you want to take advantage of a small space, as it can save us from embarrassment more than once and we may have more stuff than we think. Plus, it means there’s no chaos and if you need something specific, you can find it quickly and easily, which It will improve our feeling of happiness and comfort if everything is in order..

And there are probably many places you never thought could serve as storage. For example, you can place plates, glasses and other tableware on kitchen furniture. You can also take advantage of dead space on the walls to place shelves and shelving, thus eliminating cabinets, which should always be built-in anyway. Hooks are also a good option. Another idea is to use a special table and stools instead of chairs..

Canape beds or beds with internal drawers help you store things and keep your home tidy.Canape beds or beds with internal drawers help you store things and keep your home tidy.

On the other hand, the best way to store things in your bedroom without making it feel cluttered is to buy a folding bed or a bed with drawers underneath so that space isn’t wasted. The main thing is not to lose a single centimeter of space, but this does not mean that you need to save everything. You must be able to get rid of unnecessary things and maintain order in everything.

The idea of ​​ordering custom furniture is also very good for homes that have little space because although it is a little more expensive, it is a very good investment in the long run. However, it is necessary to take into account that this non-standard furniture, like all rooms of the house, They must have a practical and multifunctional function, not just an aesthetic one.. For example, installing wheels on furniture will allow you to easily move the furniture and place it in any other space without any problems.

Get more space with mirrors

Mirrors are ideal decorative items as they suit any style and offer many benefits. Having mirrors in our home will make us feel like we have a lot more space than we actually have because They use light and reflect the sun’s rays., which increases brightness and the visual feeling of spaciousness, especially in small rooms with insufficient natural light. The larger the mirror, the better, the greater the effect.

On the other side, Thanks to mirrors, you can play with the perspectives of rooms., plus they are very functional and practical. They can be placed in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and even living rooms. Of course, in addition to all the benefits mentioned, this element serves so that we can look at ourselves every day before leaving the house and see that we look perfect.

Mirrors and white color are two allies that create a feeling of spaciousness.Mirrors and white color are two allies that create a feeling of spaciousness.

White color everywhere

This color is synonymous with sophistication, modernity and elegance that is enlivening without being intimidating or overwhelming. The key is that it fills the room with light and everything will look clearer even if there is little light in the room.. This color also has the ability to reflect up to 96% of light and can even soften it if it is very intense.

On the other hand, it gives a feeling of spaciousness and is highly recommended for rooms of several square meters, since even the smallest space will appear larger than it actually is due to its advantage of providing spaciousness to the rooms. This also makes the decoration the protagonist because it allows the imagination to play as it is very versatile and looks good with all types of combinations, no matter one color or another.

White color promotes meditation and stimulates extrasensory perception, optimism and spirituality. Indeed, when we are at home, we want to be free from stress, overwork and relax, leaving behind a hard day at work and a bad mood. The best part is that this color also has spiritual overtones and is associated with peace and protection. It is believed that it collects negative energy that some people leave behind.

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