How to install music in the house

If you are a big music lover and want to listen to your favorite artists in every room of your home, this article will be very useful for you.

It doesn’t surprise us anymore go to a store, restaurant or supermarket and listen to music background, advertising or any other sound. This background music creates a wonderful atmosphere and can even affect the perception of the establishment. Just a few years ago, this technology was only available to this type of business, but today any music lover who doesn’t mind investing a little money can have it in their home.

If you love music and are tired of carrying your mobile phone everywhere to listen to your favorite songs, or don’t want to buy and install a sound system in every room to enjoy your favorite bands, installing a central home music system is the best option for you.

What is a home music pipe?

The music system consists of network of speakers distributed throughout the house and connected to a central control device. It helps us or not to install a music device in every room of our house as the music comes from a central device which you can control and through which the sound is played through the speakers.

There is no need to install the device in every room of the house.There is no need to install the device in every room of the house.

The speakers used in background music are very discreet, They are usually built into the wall. therefore this does not mean a reduction in space. They can be placed on any wall, however there are very specific places in the house, such as structural columns, that do not allow the use of in-wall speakers, so it is best to place them elsewhere or choose surface mount speakers.

Installing background music at home

Installing these systems seems more or less simple depending on the type of house we have. Many newly built homes already have pre-installation. background music, so installing it is very easy. However, if the pre-installation was not done, you can use the update to implement it (obviously you don’t need to use the update, you can install it directly).

On the other hand, one can study whether use your home’s electrical wiring for music cablesor you can also look into installing a wireless system.

You must use a good amplifierYou must use a good amplifier

What do I need to install streaming music?

  1. Amplifier: This is the heart of the installation. Speakers are connected to it. If our rooms are large, we will have to place several speakers, so when choosing an amplifier it is important Let’s take into account its power output and how many speakers we are going to connect to it.. This device contains all the audio controls: volume, power, playback source selection, etc.
  2. Speakers: Speakers can be surface-mounted, placed anywhere in the home, or built-in, which is the most common type of installation. Choosing him It must be taken into account that the power and resistance are compatible with the amplifier output. because if it’s not, we might break it. Typically, speaker and amplifier kits are purchased ready for installation.
  3. Wire: It is very important. The cable we choose must be of high quality, since correct sound reproduction depends on this.. If we have a good amplifier and a good speaker, but we use a cheap and low quality cable, the sound will suffer and we may notice that it doesn’t sound very good. The audio cable is a two-core parallel cable measuring 2×0.75mm.
  4. Conduits: The cable is connected to the conduit. Which one we use will depend on whether our speakers are surface mounted or in-wall. If it’s built in, we’ll have to use flexible corrugated tubeand if on the surface, then we will have to use external pipes.
  5. Music player: A music player can be any device you connect to it: CD player, TV, MP3 player, phone, etc.
The biggest advantage is the ability to listen to music in all rooms.The biggest advantage is the ability to listen to music in all rooms.

Benefits of Installing Background Music at Home

  • You can listen to music in all rooms: This is perhaps the biggest advantage for any person. And if you think about it, being able to listen to music in every room of your home without having to carry your cell phone everywhere is a dream for any music lover. Forget about going into the shower with your cell phone volume turned up to maximum and not hearing anything, with this you can take a shower to the rhythm of your favorite songs.
  • You don’t need a device in every room: With this type of system, you don’t have to buy or install a music player in every room of your house. With a musical thread The entire sound system is centralized in your home. Moreover, nowadays you can control these systems using your mobile phone, which makes it much more convenient.

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