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To light a closet, you will need to take into account the type and color of light you want to place, as well as which areas you want to brighten.

Sometimes, no matter how clear we think our bedroom is, there is always something clear about it in the end. a space that is darker and where light cannot penetrate So easy. When it’s still dawn or late evening, some corners of the house may remain in darkness, and this usually includes closets, whose doors further limit the entry of any type of light, both natural and artificial. . Therefore, this problem can be solved by placing LED strips, wall lights, spotlights and other lighting accessories.

A closet is a place where it is difficult for light to penetrate.A closet is a place where it is difficult for light to penetrate.

The idea of ​​lighting cabinets is a growing trend today. Led lights They are, without a doubt, preferred by consumers for this process. These are lamps that not only do not overheat, but are also among the most economical that can be found on the market. They are easy to install, take up little space and save energy.. This way, you no longer have to choose what clothes you’re going to wear in the dark, and you won’t need a flashlight to see what’s hidden in the back of your closet.

Types of cabinet lighting

Before you get started, you will have to think about what type of cabinet lighting is best for you. There are different ways of lighting, so you should consider which option is best for your case. Of course, you’ll have to consider whether you prefer warmer or cooler light. For a cabinet, it is best to use cool white light as it allows us to see colors better. Depending on the location of the light sources, you will get some visual effects or othersso consider the following possibilities:

Depending on the lighting, you can get different visual effects.Depending on the lighting, you can get different visual effects.
  • Lighting from above This is one of the most common and economical options. The achieved effect is general illumination, but at the same time simpler and more uniform. In this case, LED strips are usually used, providing standard illumination of the interior of the cabinet.
  • Light with built-in lamps on top of a cabinet is another possible alternative, very suitable for walk-in closets or closets without doors.
  • Illumination of the entire perimeter The closet will create a very bright interior. You can opt for flexible LED strips and place them around the entire piece of furniture, that is, up, down, left and right.
  • You can too combine different lighting modes If your closet is very full and you have different compartments. Thus, for each zone (shelves, bar counter and drawers), it is necessary to consider which lighting method is most beneficial: in areas with a bar counter or shelves, LED strips are the most suitable option, and for drawers, magnetic lighting would be more practical. or individual LEDs.
One option could be recessed wall lights.One option could be recessed wall lights.

Cabinet Lighting Ideas

While adding some light to your closet isn’t a very difficult task, it’s not enough to just install a few light bulbs and forget about it. Need to integrate all light sources which we want to combine consistently and in accordance with the aesthetics of the furniture and the room in which it is located. Therefore, we must take into account certain issues that allow us to adapt the lighting to our needs. Mainly you will have to pay attention to the type of cabinet which is intended for lighting. There is a wide variety on the market, covering all prices, sizes and colors, but the first thing you need to look at is whether it is a dressing room, whether it has mirrors and whether it has doors, among other things. However, here are some of the best ideas on how to decorate your closet:

You should take into account how the closet looks to add better lighting.You should take into account how the closet looks to add better lighting.
  • Install LEDs on cabinet rods This can be a very attractive way to add some light. They are most often placed at the top, but by camouflaging them on the grilles you get a much more sophisticated effect.
  • Something similar happens in the case cabinet profiles. You can place LEDs inside these mechanisms, on the front of the cabinet, to create a feeling of light and illuminate the furniture in a more sophisticated and elegant way.
  • If a problem with the cables makes you suspicious, you may want to consider getting LED Strip Light, which charges when connected to the network. This system, which is very easy to install with screws or adhesive tape, is controlled using a button, although it has been improved and is now also sold in an automatic mode that operates via a motion sensor.
  • adhesive leds This is a better option for corners that are more difficult to access or install, such as drawers.
  • If in your case you want to illuminate a dressing room or closet without doors, make the most of it by turning on recessed spotlights inside. Make sure they are well distributed and shining in the most appropriate direction. And if there are mirrors around you, avoid possible reflections.
  • One way to make your lighting system more discreet is to camouflage and hide the installation using methacrylate sheets white or translucent, or mirror.
  • Lastly, you might consider the idea that the lights you want to place work through motion sensors. Or you can also include a switch in the cabinet doors themselves. Thus, the ignition will be more economical, but at the same time practical and comfortable, since it is automatic.
There are built-in spotlights inside the cabinet that turn on every time it is opened.There are built-in spotlights inside the cabinet that turn on every time it is opened.

As you can see, there are many ways and ideas you can use to light up your closet. What matters is that explore the best options so that the result is as good as possible. Consider the type of cabinet you have, the color of light that suits you best, the areas and method of lighting, and the most beneficial installation systems for your cabinet. If you consider all of these aspects, you will not only be able to get all the light your closet needs, but you will also notice that the appearance of your room will change significantly for the better.

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