How to live with less plastic

Plastic is a part of our daily life and it is difficult to eliminate it from our life, but there are exceptions due to which plastic is eliminated from your life.

Every time we more knowledgeable the problem of the large amount of plastic we consume and its waste, which affects the well-being of the planet. There are many platforms, supported by famous people and on which millions of anonymous people collaborate, who They tend to eliminate a large number of foods made of plastic to reduce the damage it can cause to the earth in both the short and long term.

However, there are many activities that we carry out daily at home or in our daily lives for which we use items made from this material. Therefore, if we want Help reduce plastic use In the world, we must start by eliminating them from our daily lives. By thinking globally but acting locally, we can make a big difference because if everyone took similar actions beyond global ones, we could reduce our use of plastic in less time, with patience and effort, we could completely eliminate the use of this material, replacing it with another that does not pollute, that cares about the environment and that ensures that the earth becomes a better place to live. generations who will have to live in it when we are no longer here.

If we want to reduce our use of plastic, we must first eliminate it from our daily lives.If we want to reduce our use of plastic, we must first eliminate it from our daily lives.

Food you can take with you and store

Of course, in your daily life you need to prepare a meal, breakfast or take-out snack for yourself, your partner or your children. Instead of using plastic or aluminum foil containers, you can choose other, more environmentally friendly ways to package these snacks or meals. For this you can use fabric bags, waterproof and reusablewhich can be found in many specialized stores and even in bazaars.

Glass or aluminum containers for carrying lunch or dinner may be a little heavier than plastic ones, but they will and easier to clean and you can put them in the dishwasher. Plus, they won’t pick up the smell or taste of sauces or other strong-flavored ingredients you put in them, like plastic ones usually do.

Glass food containers are heavy, but easier to clean.Glass food containers are heavy, but easier to clean.

You can use these same containers for store refrigerated or frozen food at home, as well as wooden plates or coasters, which can be more or less rigid or heavy and which aesthetically look very beautiful when setting the table or serving yourself, whether you are alone or in company. They are made in such a way that they can be washed and used repeatedly without damage.

When choosing cutlery that you can take with you or for the little ones in the house, try to make sure that they are not plastic. exist other materials that you can take with you anywhere Moreover, they will not be disposable, so you can use them more than once and the investment in them will be more durable. The same should be done with glasses and cups. Try to buy stainless steel products that will keep your drink warm, both cold and hot. Some establishments will even give you a discount on your drink if you bring your own cup or glass from home for more than one use, and you’ll not only be helping to eliminate plastic, but also disposable paper cups.

Try to purchase stainless steel bottles that keep your drink warm.Try to purchase stainless steel bottles that keep your drink warm.

Bags for shopping and storing food at home.

When you go to the supermarket, try not to use plastic bags, not only when buying groceries before leaving, but also in departments such as the fruit or fish store. you can use waterproof fabric bags to prevent other products from getting dirty, and ask workers to weigh the contents without using plastic bags. Gradually this situation will become normal as it has been in the past and many more supermarkets will eliminate the usual use of plastic bags in these departments, as well as eliminating takeaways.

At home, food and other items can be stored in garment bags or in metal, aluminum or wooden boxes. There are many others waterproof materials, lightweight and easy to clean, besides being plastic. For many years it was believed that this material was the only option and perhaps the most economical, but little by little people began to think about alternatives that could be adapted into their daily lives to this way we can stop using plastic. and be able to take better care of planet Earth together.

Instead of plastic bags, you can use fabric bags.Instead of plastic bags, you can use fabric bags.

Other plastic items to avoid

Many disposable items are usually made of plastic, such as: razor blades, some cosmetic products, cheap toys for children, etc. Therefore, it is advisable that the purchase be conscious.

Many disposable items are usually made of plastic.Many disposable items are usually made of plastic.

Perhaps you could purchase an electric razor, thereby saving a large amount of money by avoiding the consumption of cosmetic products made of plastic or in jars of the same material, or the purchase of toys made of other materials for the little ones. This way you can also teach children the importance of caring for the earth and create a sustainable future for all.

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