How to make a hanging chair using macrame technique.

Although making a hanging macramé chair is quite a labor-intensive task, the steps are very simple and the result is unique.

Even though he macrame The decoration is thousands of years old and is becoming very fashionable these days. This may be due to its excellent results and great appeal as a decorative element, but the truth is that it is also gaining more popularity lately because anyone can create their own design using macrame. This technique It is based on weaving knots or braids from durable material that ensures ease of use.for example, with chairs, hammocks, sun loungers or less ambitious items such as clothes or cushion covers.

One of the advantages of macrame is that The designs can be endless depending on the type of knot and pattern you want to make., you just have to let your creativity flow and let the rest flow. But besides achieving a unique decorative element, macrame does not require much difficulty, just some time and the ability to tie knots is enough. For example, in the case of a hanging chair, the use is less than 10 hours, and production is instantaneous, meaning there is no need to wait for the material to dry or be ready.

The design will depend on the type of knot you make.The design will depend on the type of knot you make.

Materials for making a hanging chair using macrame technique.

To build a macrame hanging chair, you will need some materials that you can easy to find in hardware stores, haberdashery stores and home improvement stores. Although the price will vary depending on the type of filament you buy, the final cost for all components will be very economical, around 30 euros. They will be used:

  • 200 meters of strong thread. It can be made of cotton, nylon, canvas or jute, and its diameter should be 10 millimeters. As for the color, it’s up to you, you can buy it in a single color or in different shades depending on the type of hanging chair you want to create.
  • 2 metal rings. Although you can use whatever sizes you prefer, one of them should be at least 20 centimeters in diameter to serve as a backrest. You can buy a 55 cm ring and another 70 cm ring.
You will need 200 meters of strong thread.You will need 200 meters of strong thread.

Stages of making a hanging chair using macrame technique

Below we will tell you in detail step by step how to easily make a hanging chair using the macrame technique. Remember that there are many designs depending on the types of knots you use:

First of all you have to wrap both rings with cord, rolling it out until completely covered. After completing this task you need tie a ring which will be the center of the seat. To do this, you must start tying knots and you have complete freedom to choose the design of the knot, for example, the basic knot, the lark knot and all its variations, the twisted flat knot or the most recommended knot for making a ring. from Gaza. The important thing is that it is closed and has 5 centimeters in diameter approximate for our measurements.

Let's start by knitting a ring.Let’s start by knitting a ring.

Next step Connect the ring with a smaller diameter ring to form a seat.. You will have to cut pieces of cord according to your desired design. For example, you can take 2-meter strips, fold them in half and tie them to a ring, and tie the two free ends to a small ring. You can also cut larger strips to braid from ring to hoop, it all depends on what you want to do.

Once the seat structure with spokes is ready, it needs to be stuffed with more thread. To do this, you will have to start sheathing from the outside in: first we cut pieces of thread to connect each knitting needle together, having time to make a rope of macrame-style knots or braid. What matters is that Once you reach the radius, secure the thread with a knot to add resistance to the saddle.. This step of making a hanging chair is based on the same step: the entire seat is covered with threads with the patterns you like best. You can combine types of knots with types of braids or even use threads of different colors.

Having reached the radius, secure the thread with a strong knot.Having reached the radius, secure the thread with a strong knot.

Now that the seat is ready, it’s time to work on the backrest. The first step is to connect the large ring with the small one already laid out. To implement Place the large ring at a 45 degree angle above the small one., since this is the final shape your chair will take, and measure out the length of threads you will need. Where the rings are together, you will need to thread some rope to secure it. On the other hand, you should connect the separated parts of the rings with thread, repeating the procedure used in step 2 with the ring and small hoop. You will have to cut strips of different sizes, fold them in half and simply join the rings with the knot you prefer. Again, play around with the designs you like best.

Although the final structure of the stool has already been achieved, it remains fill the empty space of the back by making chains of knots or braids as was done in step 3. However, this time it is not necessary to have too much coverage, since this part of the chair does not need to be as strong as the seat. Just decorate however you like.

When the seat is ready, start making the backrest.When the seat is ready, start making the backrest.

Once your macrame chair is ready, the last step is to turn it into a pendant. For this, Cut 4 cords of thread to the size you want to hang the chair on.. For example, you may need 4 meters. Once cut, Fold each strip in half to create a lark knot.. Place the knots on the part of the chair where you want to attach the ties, and then wrap the two remaining pieces of thread around each other. These 4 cords will connect the chair and the ceiling or object you want to hang it from, so connect the ends tightly using a knot. It’s also important to straighten the chair so it doesn’t warp, and finally trim off any excess thread once everything is tied.

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