How to make a magnetic board

If I told you that you could make a magnetic whiteboard without buying one, would you believe it? Well, you already need time to compare materials because we offer you a solution.

Slate is a surface commonly used write or draw as many times as you want as they are made of a material that can be written on with chalk or dry erase markers. We all grew up with this type of boards in school as they are the most common, however, there are other types of boards such as magnetic boards, which, in addition to the functions of writing and decoration, also have the ability to place magnets, thus expanding the possibilities of using a regular board.

Magnetic whiteboards are an evolution of the classic green chalkboards and marker boards. allowing you to be creative both when creating a decorative item and when using it to organize lists and teach kids. If you want to make a magnetic board with your own hands, in this article we will tell you the materials and steps required to make a magnetic board that can also be a part of your wall decoration.

We all grew up with boards like these in school.We all grew up with boards like these in school.

Materials and tools for making a magnetic board.

  • Wood: Use the desired shape and size, usually a rectangular MDF wood board is used.
  • Rollers, brushes, brushes.
  • White paint.
  • Magnetic paint made from iron particles.
  • Paint the board the color of your choice.
  • One of these exercises screws.
  • Magnets.
  • Battery for painting (optional).
  • border frames (optional).
To create a board you will need a number of materials.To create a board you will need a number of materials.

Stages of making a magnetic board

  1. First of all you need to know size you want the board to be made inhere is the wooden base on which you are going to create the board. Paint the tree with paint White paint to seal pores.
  2. Once the base is chosen and painted white, it’s time paint the board with magnetic paint. Magnetic paint must be stirred very well using a wooden stick, so that it mixes well, you need to move it from below. After removing it, you must pour some paint into a basin or container in which to place and drain the brushes, rollers and brushes used to paint wood.
  3. Magnetic paint must be removed very well using a wooden stick.Magnetic paint must be removed very well using a wooden stick.
  4. Place the wooden base on a flat surface such as a table or floor and begins to apply the first layer of magnetic paint. You need to let the paint dry for the amount of time indicated on the bottle, and after that time, proceed to apply the second coat of wood. To make it as smooth and uniform as possible, it is advisable that if you applied the first layer from left to right, then the second layer should be applied from left to right. Repeat this procedure with the third layer.
  5. After waiting for the paint to dry, apply a new coat of paint, but this time with the paint you chose to paint. give the board the color you prefer. At this stage it is necessary to take into account that If the magnetic paint is dark, it will be difficult to choose other colors.Therefore, it is advisable to apply a layer of white paint after three layers of magnetic paint, and after drying, apply a layer of paint of the selected color.
  6. Once the board is painted, if desired, can you add a frame. Placing a frame makes it easier to place the board and is a decorative element that gives the board a distinct look as you can play with colors and patterns.
  7. To decorate your board, play with colors.To decorate your board, play with colors.
  8. When the board is ready, use a drill hang the board in the location of your choice for her. Finally, place the magnets and leave them ready to hang whatever you want on them and draw on them.

Using magnetic boards

Magnetic boards They have many uses as they allow for a variety of designs and have the option of incorporating magnetic elements. We’ve covered some of the most common uses for magnetic whiteboards, but if you let your creativity run wild, you’re sure to find much more.

Unleash your creativity and get the coolest boardUnleash your creativity and get the coolest board

In the world of education

In the field of education, boards are an important element. At first there were green chalk boardsthen to avoid allergies and discomfort, marker boardsthe latter little by little became magnetic. Magnetic boards They are very useful for teaching little ones as they allow them to learn through play. Some options for children learn in a fun way are:

  • Usage magnetic letters to start reading forming different syllables and words at the pace at which children learn.
  • History illustration with images attached using a magnet.
  • Creation dominoes with images of animals or figures so that children learn to play in a team.
  • Usage magnetic numbers for introduction to mathematics or later practice the same.
  • The magnetic board is ideal for practicing mathematics.The magnetic board is ideal for practicing mathematics.
  • Creating boards using classic game board like checkers, tic-tac-toe or chess.
  • Use the magnetic board as notebook for exercise and study.

In houses

Whiteboards are not only useful in the field of education, but also They are very useful around the house. At home, magnetic boards are very useful for creating lists, whether it’s for unfinished tasks like shopping or organizing household chores between people living in the same house. On the other hand, they can also be good option for wall decoration Hang your favorite photos, children’s drawings, or just framed and decorative designs.

A magnetic board is a good option for displaying at home.A magnetic board is a good option for displaying at home.

At work

The workplace is another place where magnetic whiteboards are very useful as they serve as a support for a presentation, for group brainstorming, for writing down outstanding tasks or important notes that the entire office needs to read. In addition, they can also serve decorate the office with drawings and photographs, for hanging important papers or as a bulletin board. Finally, you can create magnetic whiteboards to employees relax playing.

As you can see, magnetic whiteboards are a great tool both at home and outside. learn, teach, decorate or organize. They are also very easy to make and capture the imagination of both adults and children. Make your own magnetic board!!

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