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The attic can be converted into another living space in the house. Here you will find some great tricks to help you enjoy a forgotten room in your home.

Attics These are special corners inside the house.However, their conditions are somewhat difficult: it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Additionally, some attics have little to no light, making them feel more like a large storage room than a living area of ​​the home. If you have a loft and want to start using it, show us how to tidy it up in 6 easy steps.

First of all, think about what you are going to use it for.

The first thing you should be clear on is how you are going to use this space. You may need an extra area for a guest room or one of your children, or you may simply want to set up a second living room so it’s quiet and away from knowing what others are doing. Whatever you decide regarding the use of this room, It is recommended not to divide the space in the attic into several zones.This is because the slope of the roof makes these rooms appear smaller than they actually are, so it is best to leave the space open to allow more light and you can enjoy the spaciousness.

Type of housing is the biggest problem

If you have an attic in an apartment that belongs to an apartment building, it is almost certainly not insulated and dark. Carry out work on the roof from the outside or open new openings for windows. Approved plans from a local college of architects, job security, and support facilities are required.. If you live in a two-flat house, and housing issues have been resolved, It’s easier to intervene on the roofHowever, to open the windows, you need to consult with the neighborhood community and you will need an approved design.

It is best to live in a semi-detached house to make it easier to work.It is best to live in a semi-detached house to make it easier to work.

The type of house that is easiest to change is mansionthis way you will not have any problems when carrying out any work.

Make sure it’s comfortable

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, either alone or with someone in your family, you’ll want to make sure it’s a comfortable place where you can feel good. To do this you will have to insulate and condition the attic. Consider that this is the highest part of the house and therefore the most exposed to the heat in summer and the coldest in winter. That is why insulating walls with any suitable material, for example, mineral wool, this is the most recommended option. You can do this yourself and then install plasterboard panels that can hide the electrical or heating ducts.


Choosing windows for the attic This is one of the most important tasks when preparing this room. There are many types and prices, but your best bet is to invest in good skylights to make this room as bright, warm and inviting as possible.

You should invest in good windows that insulate the cold in winter and the heat in summer.You should invest in good windows that insulate the cold in winter and the heat in summer.

The first thing to do is ask air chamber glazing (because it isolates more) solar control (to regulate temperature in summer) and low emissivity (so that the attic does not lose heat in winter). All this means that these windows aren’t exactly cheap, but in the long run you’ll appreciate the investment.

Walls and ceilings

Once that’s all in place, it’s time to paint the walls and choose the floors. The most recommended floors for these rooms: wooden since this is a fairly comfortable and warm material, and there are many more possibilities for walls, they can be painted, covered with wallpaper or even covered with wood. The limits are set by your imagination, but yes, if you want to install built-in furniture, you should do it before all this.


If you have everything else ready, you can now say that your attic is one hundred percent complete, however you still have the fun part – the trim.

Well, decorate in different ways depending on how you want to use it.Well, decorate in different ways depending on how you want to use it.

Depending on how you want to use this room, you can choose one type of decoration or another. In bedrooms, the headboard rests on the lowest part. can be used to create wall-to-wall furniture serving as a stand, display of photographs, books, etc. This way the environment will be clearer and with a design adapted to the location.

In general, low furniture manages to “fill” many of the gaps that the attic, due to its shape, leaves in the space. This is where you can insert drawers, benches, rug bases, etc. As a final tip, Choose ceilings that won’t visually take up space in your attic.That is, do not paint them in dark colors, do not install large lamps (preferably those that go inside the wall, or install floor lamps directly), and if possible, hide the structure with a continuous coating of laminated plaster, this will make this space larger and lighter, since the coating works as an excellent light reflector.

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