How to paint an apartment if it is small

Often painting a small apartment can be a real challenge. Discover the best tips to know how to do it.

It is often said that it is not a small apartment that you should be afraid of, but a lack of creativity. And this is true, but with some nuances… Everyone knows that for a small house the most recommended colors are the timeless classic, bright and spacious white. But the truth is, if your home is small and you don’t want to resort to a color that everyone else is using, There are other options to make your home larger. without having to resort to the famous white color. That’s why from Bequia We give you the best tips on how to paint a small house to make it look bigger.without having to paint your walls white if you don’t want to.

Before we begin, the most important thing is to clarify What are each person’s tastes and style when it comes to decorating their home? and try to improve your “apartment”. If the style you like best is the most natural and elegant, you should choose white and neutral tones for the walls, such as white, cream, ivory or gray in combination with colored furniture neutral or light wood with gold, silver or bronze accessories that will add elegance and sophistication to our home.

Depending on what colors you choose for the walls, the perception of your apartment will change.Depending on what colors you choose for the walls, the perception of your apartment will change.

If, on the other hand, you the style is more fun, and you want to breathe life into your home by filling it with color, it might be a good idea to paint one of the walls in a richer tone, such as red, green or orange, or use furniture in more neutral colors, such as white. , metallic or light wood colors and use brighter accessories such as red or green pillows. Painting one wall an explosive color can frame part of our living room, such as the wall where the sofa is, and help enhance and add character to the living room giving it depth. This will be a great option for those who do not want to give up color, modernity and audacity. just because my apartment is not very big.

Although people generally prefer to paint their floors white or a light color, there is no need to be afraid of the color, as long as you like it, remember that the wall can be painted as many times as you like, so it should not be a headache for you pain. And if you don’t dare to use these colors on the wall, then a good option would also be Add color to your home with furniture.

Besides white, there are other colors that can be effective when combined correctly.Besides white, there are other colors that can be effective when combined correctly.

However, although there are many options When arranging a small apartment, you should follow certain rules if you want the space to look as spacious as possible:

  • Paint the walls the same color for each room.
  • Use same color scheme color.
  • Use light-colored furniture and designs.
  • Rule 60/30/10

    The basic rule to follow to achieve a beautiful and harmonious result in your small apartment is the famous 60/30/10 rule. This rule is based on choose a dominant color that will occupy 60% of the spaceIn small apartments, it is better that this color, the color of the walls, is light and goes well with any color, such as white, ecru or gray. But if, on the other hand, you want that 60% to be occupied by a bright color, it is preferable that the remaining percentage light and light colors occupy him. The secondary color will be the one that takes up 30% of the color of our floor, this could be the color of the sofas, carpet and furniture. Finally, the remaining 10% should be an accent colorwhich will give your home a colorful and vibrant touch.

    Pink is the new white and a very good choice.Pink is the new white and a very good choice.

    Colors you can use to paint your walls

    If you really want to know which colors will last brightness and space your stay here, we leave you with a list of some that may be perfect color for your small apartment:

  • Grey, new beige: The clearest and softest version. It works like white, brightening up the space and making the room feel more spacious.being a color different from the typical white.
  • Sandy color, great touch of warmth.: Sand color provides warmth and harmony and is used in all rooms. creates visual continuity what helps to perceive them larger and brighter is also color very rare for houses that will give an original look to your home.
  • Pink suits everyone: Pastel pink is the new white, and this color is no longer as cutesy as previously stated. This color will look great in any home and, depending on the accessories and furniture, will determine the final look of your home, such as adding golden touches. more romantic style while gray or electric blue will give it a more subdued tone.
  • Blue can also be a very striking color for a room.Blue can also be a very striking color for a room.
  • Classic white: White never lets you down, and this color has the powerful effect of enhancing space by reflecting the light that hits it. The trick to painting our home this color is to combine it. with warmer colors for example, dark furniture or bright pillows.
  • Broken white, new white: There are many ranges of white, and after so many years of only using white, switching to a creamy white can be a big success, especially if we don’t want to take too many risks. broken white Has many nuances from red to blue, so whatever you choose, it will be perfect for a small space as it will continue to create a spacious feel.
  • Blue combined with white or yellow: Blue can also be glowing color for the walls of your home, that is, as long as it is light blue, but can sometimes have a gray tint so as not to give it a very childish feel. The ideal combination would be mustard yellow or white.
  • Yellow is one of the trending colors today.Yellow is one of the trending colors today.
  • Yellow: Yellow is one of the trending colors at the moment, especially mustard yellow, so if you don’t see yourself being able to paint all your walls this color, go for paint one wall or what exactly the furniture has these touches.
  • Gray-green: an elegant and fashionable touch: This color will add a touch of originality to your home and to prevent your home from being too flat, a gray-green color is ideal. adding touches of white or blue Electric will add elegance to your home.
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