How to prepare your home for cold weather

Being colder at home than outside is a very serious problem. Here are a few little tricks to help avoid this problem.

Winter is here, and with it comes the bitter cold, and if you are one of those cold people, there is nothing worse than being completely frozen inside your house, where it is even colder than it is outside. That is why, so that a similar situation does not happen to you again, you must prepare your home for your small home becomes the best place to live. If you want to learn a few little tricks that will help you do this, keep reading this article.

Check if everything is working correctly

The first thing you should check is that everything is going well, normal. Only when the cold comes into our house do we realize that we have heating.this is when we try to turn it on again and again to check, either it is not working or it has low power, so the first thing we have to do is check that everything is working correctly, if not, then we will have to call a specialist to solutions to this problem.

Ensure good insulation in your home

To properly insulate a house, we need inspect all doors, windows or objects that have access to the outside with foam or silicone to prevent the cold from penetrating into our home.

Likewise, if your house is very old and you’ve never replaced your windows, now might be a good time to think about it, as it will allow a lot of heat to escape, and if you have heating, you’ll be foolishly losing money without any effect . visible on your home. We recommend if you are going to replace your windows. choose dual system since it is the one that best insulates from the cold.

We must avoid the cold at homeWe must avoid the cold at home

Blinds and curtains are your great allies

To further insulate your house, you need check that the blinds are working correctly And by closing the blinds, we will build another wall in our house against the cold. Likewise, curtains can also serve to insulate the cold that you were unable to prevent from entering your home. A solution to improve this system, which does not require a lot of money and is very effective, is to install double curtain: double dip, blind or any other formula works very well, run them at night and your score and you will notice it.

Thermostat capabilities

If you don’t have one yet, know that they are great, especially for control the temperature and thanks to them we can set the desired temperature level in our home and the thermostat will be responsible for controlling the temperature so that you don’t have to suffer through the annoying drops and rises that occur when you have to do it manually, and it will also save you a few euros on your bills, which is not the case. too bad these days when costs are skyrocketing.

Get out the blankets and blankets

This is very important because there comes a time of year when we just want to wrap ourselves up in our favorite blanket as creating our own temperature inside the blanket will be the best way to get rid of the winter chill.

Before going to bed, it is absolutely necessary to dust off those blankets that have been sitting in the closet for months, as this will prevent you from getting cold while you sleep, and, more importantly, don’t catch a cold After all, as you know, hypothermia during sleep can lead to you waking up the next morning with a runny nose, cough and even sore throat.

Blanket and hot cup to combat the coldBlanket and hot cup to combat the cold

We know there’s nothing worse than coming home from work dead from cold and tired to find a frozen bed, so we’ll give you a little trick: if you buy a pair reusable thermal water bagsusing a kettle you can heat up the water, fill these bags and leave them around the bed for five minutes, and while you eat something, put on your pajamas and leave everything ready for the next day, your bed will be very warm and ready for you has entered.

Is the boiler working correctly?

Typically, in most models the pressure ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 bar, so it is recommended to turn on the boiler and wait about 5 minutes. After this time, if the pressure reaches these values, you will know that everything is working. correct, but if it is not and the pressure is higher, you will probably have to throw it away, and if it is lower, then you will only have to open the tap a little to get more water into the heating circuit.

Change fan direction

You may think this is nonsense, but the truth is that if you have a ceiling fan, you need to change its direction because hot air tends to rise so having a fan that can send it back down will make your home much warmer. To do this, the blades must rotate clockwise.

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