How to prepare your home for the arrival of your baby

There are many preparations that go into the birth of a child. Here we leave you with a list of things you should think about before you arrive.

The birth of a child is something exciting and a source of happiness for any family, but we must understand that the child This completely changes everything, including our home.. The moment a baby arrives in our home, he should be fully prepared for his arrival, so in this article we will provide you with all the information you need to make your home a safe and ideal home for your baby. .

Where will the child sleep?

Even before the baby is born, we must clearly determine where he or she will sleep. It is normal that in the first months the baby sleep in our room in order for him to be closer when he cries or is hungry at night, but we must understand that the sooner the baby has his own space, the sooner he will begin to be an independent person who does not need his parents nearby.

Ideal room

If you have two rooms in your home, you won’t have to choose which room will suit your baby best, but if, on the other hand, your home has three or more rooms, you will have to take a number of factors into account when making your choice. the perfect room for your child.

Ideally, their room should be spacious and close to yours.Ideally, their room should be spacious and close to yours.

The first factor to consider is space., the more space in your child’s room, the more time he will spend there. If his room is too small, he will have to play in the living room or, as he grows up, do his homework in your office or home. Your child. It is very important that the child has a room where he can play or relax freely, so that from an early age he begins to understand that not all rooms in the house are intended for the same thing, in addition, in this way you will make him understand that his room belongs only to him and it depends on him whether it is ordered or not.

While the child is small, up to about 6 years old, it is best his room is next to yours to hear him every time he needs you and you can quickly go and check if everything is ok. You should also ensure that it is a quiet room, not facing the street, so that the child does not wake up during the night. If possible, it is recommended to make your room bright so that your child feels comfortable.

Prepare the room

Children’s room Should be warm and welcoming. It is important to ensure that your space is well ventilated in the summer and that there are no air leaks in the winter that could cool your space down. For this, it is best that the windows are double, so that heat does not escape through them and so that in summer have blinds and curtains to prevent heat from flowing directly into your room.

Children love rugs and spend time on them.Children love rugs and spend time on them.

Recommended in winter put rugs in their room so that the child does not walk barefoot on the floor or sit on a cold surface, but yes, we will have to wash them periodically so that they do not pick up mites that can cause allergies.

For a newborn, we don’t need to decorate his room as if he were an older child, because now we won’t need beds or tables since they won’t be used, and what we should have will be wardrobes and chests of drawers where you can store your clothes, toys, changing table, etc… just like we should have a corner where we can put the stroller, bassinet and playpen.


If you’re pregnant, it’s probably crossed your mind to draw and decorate your baby’s room with a typical monkey and a six-month belly, but it’s likely that you realized that this idealized image For a woman who carries several kilograms in her stomach, this is unrealistic.

Look for classic colors that coordinate with the rest of the rooms.Look for classic colors that coordinate with the rest of the rooms.

Chances are that when your baby is born, he will sleep with you until he is 6 months old, so if you want to paint the room, you can do it after he is born or in the early months of pregnancy. We advise you this choose a neutral color So that you don’t have to paint over and over again as your son or daughter grows, you can opt for pastel, white or gray colors. Make sure the paint you use is plastic as it can be easily cleaned with water. This will avoid any headaches when you see your child paint the walls because we assure you that he will do it.

On the other side, Look for curtains that block light at certain times. and more lenient towards others. The ideal would be to have a thicker, sheer curtain so that the latter can create soft light throughout the day. Likewise, don’t buy too many toys or stuffed animals, as that’s probably what they’ll give you the most once the baby arrives.

Make your home a safe home

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and in the case of our son, any precautions are not enough. The moment our baby begins to crawl and run around the house, any piece of furniture, a corner with small or heavy objects They will become a real weapon for your baby.. Although you think that they still have a lot of time left to start moving, we assure you that when we mix family life with work, that time passes like clockwork and we put off securing our home until we get scared.

Children love to stick their fingers into electrical sockets, so you should warn them and wear safety devices.Children love to stick their fingers into electrical sockets, so you should warn them and wear protective devices.

That’s why the sooner we prepare our home for the arrival of a child, the less we will have to worry about your safety. You should make sure that there is nothing dangerous within reach, such as hanging pictures, plates or mirrors that could cause cuts if dropped.

Another important source of danger is traffic jamsWe must check that the electrical installation meets safety requirements and ensure that children cannot get their fingers into openings by installing guards or locking them.

On pointed furniture you should put defenders To prevent them from getting hurt if they bump into them while playing, if you have stairs, you should put a fence or any object that will prevent our child from falling from it. Also make sure that all windows and doors are always tightly closed.

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