How to register a shared apartment

It is important to check with the owner of the apartment before making any changes to the decoration of the house, be it furniture or walls.

Sharing an apartment can be a real odyssey if you remember it as one of the most rewarding experiences it will help you grow up and become more determined until you want to live in the greatest solitude. What we do know is that, at the end of the day, a shared apartment should feel like something that’s yours, your home after all. Therefore, it is very important to make your stay as welcoming as possible.

If you’re thinking about giving your shared apartment a makeover or how to make it feel more like yours, today we’re going to give you the advice you needKeep reading.

How to make a shared apartment more comfortable

If you’ve recently moved into a shared apartment, you know what it’s like to arrive and find everything strange and unknown, even to the point of wanting to change most of the decor. In shared apartments, they usually leave the same furniture that the owner left in the house, but we can always add our own individual approachHowever, in common areas, it is recommended to first ask your colleagues if they are ready to accept these changes. So if you don’t want to spend money or invest heavily in new furniture because, after all, this is a place you pass through, you can start by decorating your room.

It is very important that you feel that your apartment is as comfortable as possible.It is very important that you feel that your apartment is as comfortable as possible.

To begin with, you can do this on the walls of your room, after consulting with the homeowner. Wallpaper is a great option, especially if the walls are somewhat worn out, this is a fairly economical product, it is easy to install and remove, and there is plenty to choose from. In less than a couple of hours you will have a new wall with your personal stamp, we recommend choosing light prints. If you are not convinced by the wallpaper, you can always choose a wide brush and paint the wall yourself, yes, be careful with the floor, cover it well with newspapers and remember what color it was before, so that when you leave it is the same as was.

There is nothing better for decoration than flowers and plants. If you want your shared apartment to exude a pleasant aroma and at the same time remain cozy, there is nothing better than several indoor plants to bring these changes not only to your room but also to your living room. We recommend plants that do not require excessive care but require e.g. do you have a small terraceIt is also possible to make a vertical garden or an orchard, you will save space but at the same time enjoy decoration.

Flowers and plants are a good option for decorating a room.Flowers and plants are a good option for decorating a room.

If you have a corner of the room where you still don’t know what to put, you can decorate it reading corner, a small chair, you can buy it used and buy a beautiful lining, a rug made of synthetic hair, such rugs are usually very cheap, you can also make it yourself, a floor lamp and a small shelf where you can place your favorite books. A magnificent corner where disconnect from your daily life.

Memories that are important

Life is full of memories and if we far from our real homethere’s nothing better than filling your room with photos of everything you’ve experienced, friends, family, special places… don’t hang them on push pins, you can get more creative and hang them with colored threads and small clips or a giant stopper where you accompany each Polaroid photo with a cute phrase. You can also get a picture of your favorite corner of your city and feel at home.

To decorate a single room, you can hang photographs on the walls.To decorate a single room, you can hang photographs on the walls.

To get a cozy room in your communal apartment, bet on changing everything textile your room, i.e. curtains, bedspread, pillows, rugs… you can also change the headboard and personalize it or start with the closet, remember to use duct tape instead of nails. A good idea to decorate a room in an original way and make it look larger is to buy a vintage mirror and customize it yourself. the optical effect it produces The room is just bigger.

Shared rooms

For shared rooms, you can also ask your colleagues if they are willing to make small changes and share small expenses together, such as, for example, a new desk, more modern shelves, a panel of lamps if yours is outdated or damaged, and place beautiful illustrations on the walls. If you are spending the weekend at home and want to have some fun, you can make small crafts to decorate your home. They are economical and you will bring something purely of your own into the apartment.

Don’t forget to take photos of the apartment exactly as you found that when you leave you can leave everything as is, but above all, always ask the landlord and your colleagues before making any changes.

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