How to remove a tree with roots

A fundamental plant care task that, when done correctly, can be easy, simple, and without physical damage.

Trees are plants that, undoubtedly, transform the space, not only because of its color, foliage or height, but also because of the fruits it bears or its flowers. In addition, they usually require maintenance, which sometimes becomes a great hobby for many. However, there are times when they need to be removed, either because they are infested with pests, or because the roots are damaging the soil or building infrastructure, or simply because you want to give your garden decoration a new look. For this reason, below we will teach you how to remove a tree with roots, give you the best tips and steps to follow to make the job easy and simple.

Research the area and the tree that needs to be uprooted

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what is best to order for large trees help the professionals that they have the appropriate machinery to complete the task and move the tree. However, if you can do it, first check which way you want the tree to fall to avoid physical damage, and it’s important to make sure the ground is level. will withstand the blow falls. It is important to ensure that there are no irregularities that could cause the trunk to roll, thereby preventing accidents from occurring.

Trees transform the garden spaceTrees transform the garden space

In addition to checking the area, it is also advisable to study the tree itself to establish which side tends to lean naturally, as it will be easier to cut in that direction if it is a viable option. Also inspect the trunk to make sure that not rotten. In this case, special care must be taken as the trunk may break at any time, causing damage. You may even have to check the leaves, as they may indicate that the tree is suffering from a disease that affects its stability.

After checking the area and position of the tree, the latter must be prepared for proper handling once it is on the ground. To do this you will have to tie at least one rope. well resistant at the top of the tree, leaving the strip facing where you want it to fall. If the plant is very tall, you may need to use a ladder to complete this procedure. This way, you’ll already have a plan in place for the next step: felling the tree.

fell a tree

It’s time to cut the trunk and then remove the tree root. We are talking about making an undercut, i.e. V-neck and at an angle of 45 degrees on the part of the trunk where the tree should fall. The cut should be one-quarter the size of the plant. After the V-shaped incision it is necessary make another cut, this time in a straight line, on the opposite side of the tree and about 6 centimeters higher than what was already done. Performing pruning in this way allows you to plan the fall of the tree towards the most desired area.

It is important to select the appropriate tool for pruning each tree.It is important to select the appropriate tool for pruning each tree.

Depth of cuts It shouldn’t be too big and obviously this will depend on the diameter of each trunk. However, you should know that you need to control the moment and when you see that the trunk is becoming completely unstable, you need to move away from the tree to allow it to fall on its own. Likewise, an aspect to consider is the tools used for cutting. For this purpose it is used electric saw, although axes are also recommended for thin trunks. If your tree trunk is more than 30 centimeters in diameter, then it is advisable to use a mechanical chain saw.

How to remove tree roots

Since the tree has fallen, the last thing to do is to get rid of the trunk, which is still attached to the ground by its roots. At this moment it is necessary kill what’s left of the plant, if it has still survived, and for this it is recommended to either set it on fire so that it burns itself, or use chemicals to refine it, the composition of which penetrates through the holes of the tree. While you can let the remains disappear on their own (which will take 5 to 10 years), you can also get rid of them. peck and a shovel for extracting roots from the ground. Another option is to hire a soil drilling company.

The roots may disappear on their own over time.The roots may disappear on their own over time.

Tips for uprooting a tree

If removing the tree with roots after this procedure may seem very difficult, here are some tips that may be more useful:

  • If you find evidence that a tree trunk it’s rotten and you think it is of a size that you cannot handle, the wise decision would be to call a company that can handle the task to ensure safety.
  • Since the tree will be useless, before cutting it down, it is recommended delete branches and excess leaves to facilitate the cutting process and then processing.
  • If the trunk is very large or too high, after falling to the ground after felling can be divided into two or even three parts to significantly facilitate loading and unloading operations and subsequent transportation.
  • To destroy the trunk and roots remaining in the ground after cutting down, some experts recommend make holes in the trunk so that the chemicals penetrate deeper and speed up the process.
  • Although it is a more expensive and time-consuming task, removing tree roots prevents them from rotting and affect soil quality. In addition, this promotes faster regeneration of the substrate, so that in the future it will be easier to place new plants on the ground.

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