How to repel flies number 58

Flies are one of the most repellent insects. Find out how to scare them away.

We’ve probably seen it more than once poster with number 58 hung on the wall of a food service establishment, such as a meat or fish store, or a hospitality establishment, such as a bar or restaurant, where food products are visible to consumers. Sometimes they are exposed not only to the indoor weather conditions, affecting them positively if the temperature is sufficient and negatively if not, as in the case of the air conditioner not working in summer, but also come into contact with insects who can reach their reach.

The number 58 repels flies

For this reason, many employees of these establishments prefer to hang posters with the number 58 on the walls. There are urban legend who believes that, having performed this act, the flies will not approach the place where the paper is located, since they will believe to confuse a number printed on it with a web, and they will move away from it.

For centuries, this urban legend was believed to be true.For centuries, this urban legend was believed to be true.

However, this popular belief has no scientific basis, so cannot be demonstrated it really works. In fact, it was in 2017 that it became popular in the regional media of our country that many bars and restaurants tried this technique. keep away flies and other insects from your food and beverages displayed in your establishments.

But although this measure used very often in different parts of Spain this does not mean it will work or have a scientific basis. Additionally, numerous images circulated on social media at the time of customers going into these establishments and still being able to find flies, despite having several posters with the number 58 printed on their walls.

The fact that the number 58 repels food flies has not been scientifically proven.The fact that the number 58 repels food flies has not been scientifically proven.

Not only in our country this belief is popular on the street, but also in other countries of Southern Europe, for example in Italy, this practice is practiced. There are those who claim that he is thousands of centuries old and that their ancestors have long done this to repel flies from their houses, premises and establishments. protect thus food and consumer.

Why other methods don’t work

A survey of professionals in the field found that method #58 repels flies. this does not workbecause these insects are not able to recognize a number, like a spider’s web, and are not able to identify a real arachnid trap, since otherwise they would not fall into them as easily as usual.

The effectiveness of insecticides has been provenThe effectiveness of insecticides has been proven

Therefore, if we want to repel flies from our business or home, we should look for other alternative methods. Another popular legend says that we can repel flies by putting half a lemon with a clove in it and among the foods we want. protect. While flies may not like the smell too much, they may continue to land on the rest of the food, so this won’t be an effective method either. nor with scientific evidence.

Other popular beliefs that prevent flies from approaching food or certain places are: put a bag of water hanging from the ceiling or bottle of water plastic on the floor Wine or beer. In the case of a bag, if the water remains dirty for a long time, we will attract other insects such as mosquitoes of different types and sizes, and in the case of a bottle with alcoholic drinks inside on the ground, we will do the following. further attract flies and other insects.

Many people also fumigate their homes and premises.Many people also fumigate their homes and premises.

So the best way You can get rid of flies using specialized products to repel these insects. Most of them are chemicals and cannot come into direct contact with food, so many stores have tried to find natural alternatives and they believed these popular legends without any basis or scientific basis. Therefore, it would be most advisable to contact professionals in this industry, and they will be able to solve the problem of flies in your establishment to improve your business, and be aware that depending on the region where we are located and the time of year, the appearance of these insects it’s beyond reclaim, something that clients will also need to understand and that you won’t be able to control all the time. If you would like to try any of these popular products that do not contain toxic or harsh products, you are welcome to do so, although since they are not proven to be effective, you have nothing to lose by trying them and seeing if there is any effect or No. not when you know it you have nothing to lose either for example, for hanging posters with the number 58 on the walls.

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