How to survive quarantine at home due to coronavirus?

Quarantine at home can be tough at times, so I leave you with a few tips to help you get through this period as best as possible.

Word quarantine In medicine, it is used to isolate people from illness for an indefinite period of time in order to avoid or at least limit the risk of spreading said disease, in our case coronavirus or Covid-19. For this reason we should all support the movement #I’m staying homeand only go outside for essential reasons, such as buying groceries and medicine, going to the pharmacy, throwing out trash, and walking our pets.

After spending a couple of days at home, most of us Spaniards have probably experienced it’s high time to be boredso in this post I am providing some tips and ideas on how to make this quarantine more enjoyable as all indications are that it will not only be 15 days as first announced by the government but also This period of confinement will be extended over time until we end the pandemic.

Enjoy family timeEnjoy family time

Despite the different types of quarantine that exist (single, couple, family…), the recommendations that I will give in this publication are suitable for all types of quarantine. Of course, the first thing most Spaniards thought when the state of emergency was declared was that we would finally have time to watch TV series and films on platforms such as HBO, Netflix or Amazon Prime But what other options can we consider when we get tired? Well, although it seems not, we can do a lot at home so we don’t get bored:

Take the opportunity to declutter and declutter.

Something we can do during this quarantine that we will definitely thank ourselves for in the future is take advantage of this to do a good thorough cleaningbe it the whole house or a specific room, while we are busy with this task, our mind will temporarily forget about the critical situation we are living in, which will surely be very beneficial for us.

Take the opportunity to organize your closetTake the opportunity to organize your closet

Additionally, you may also want to take the time to thoroughly clean out your closet since it’s probably full of clothes that you probably won’t wear or will wear in the future. That’s why now is the time to do a good cleaning and preserve what is truly useful. Stick to the basics and basic wardrobe. Likewise, anything you no longer need in your closet, you can donate or sell on certain apps like Vinted or Wallapop to earn money at the same time.

In the same way, you can do the same not only with your closet, but also with all the creams and cosmetics in the bathroom, as well as with shoes, books…

Take time for yourself

Take advantage of these days when we have a lot of time to devote to those little moments that you don’t spend in your routine and that you really need. Pamper yourselfyou can do this in different ways:

  • With face/body cleansing.
  • With a relaxing bath.
  • Does meditation and yoga (There are thousands of tutorials online to help you).
  • Do not leave sport if it’s part of your daily life, and if not, take the opportunity and start doing it.
  • Kitchen eating your favorite foods now that you have time for them will also help you relax.
  • Read the trilogy you really want discover new readings.
  • Listen music and stop understanding letters.

Interact with others

Enjoy time as a family, as a couple or alone.Either way, there are many things you can do to enjoy this time.

If you’re spending this period of isolation at home with other people, take advantage of the opportunity to play. Board games or develop your imagination by creating a fun game. On the other hand, if you are spending this moment alone, you can also play games like the famous solitaire or through digital platforms where you can play countless games like ludo or billiards and others.

Interact with othersInteract with others

Through practices like these, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your family, your partner, and even yourself better, learning aspects that you probably weren’t aware of before the pandemic arrived.

Moreover, you can also take the opportunity to write to that person who you never write to due to lack of time or need to get something done. video call with your loved ones, which will help you make quarantine more enjoyable as you will feel closer to them.

Improve yourself or learn new things

During this period of time you can improve your makeup technique or learn how to make the best eyeliner that never turns out perfect. This is the perfect time to improve it!

And also take the opportunity to learn how to do your own hair, there are thousands on YouTube training programs about how to give yourself surfer waves, curls, home straightening…Learn to use yourself!

But above all, relax and enjoy:

In this society accelerated procedures Where we have very limited time for everything and cannot afford to relax, these quarantine days can be very useful for us to relax and enjoy what we really enjoy.

In the same way, take advantage of not doing anythingenjoy moments of boredom and remember those days when you didn’t even have time to watch your favorite series, those days when routine took over and there was no time for failure.

Relax and enjoyRelax and enjoy

Now is the time to have fun, get to know each other without problems, outside of established routines and times. Take advantage of this time of confinement to relax, switch off, and return to your routine with renewed vigor..

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