How to take care of blemished skin

Sun exposure is one of the causes of brown spots on the body due to an excess of pigment in the skin called melanin.

You should always be aware of your skin care, whether you have one type of skin or another, vitamin-rich skin is synonymous with good health, and if you don’t take care of your skin, it can leave you feeling tired. That’s why petting is necessary because it doesn’t really exist daily And spare a few minutes for skin care. That means include a beauty routine to avoid any kind of blemish or pimple.

First thing to do Find out what skin type you have This is done to provide the most effective treatment as not all creams are equally beneficial to others. There is dry, oily or combination skin, and a treatment will be defined based on these characteristics. This is essential when creating skin. Use a primerThe face also looks great as it forms a kind of waterproof film that protects the first layer of skin.

Not all creams are suitable for all skin types.Not all creams are suitable for all skin types.

Another tip is that it should be regular and eventually done to eliminate laziness, no matter what the topic is at the time. Makeup remover. At night or in the morning, when you reapply your makeup, there are always tiny particles that contaminate the skin. One of the best micellar waters for this activity is Garnier and Clinique. Also, if you add the cream day and night, your face will be completely transformed, perfect, hydrated and with less blemishes. Until then to the faceIt is one of the most exposed and affected areas, however, other parts of the body – hands, feet and limbs – need to be taken care of.

These parts need to be maintained and hydrated to improve the quality of life of the skin in general. Likewise, it is always advisable that you should go for any type of stain An expert Determine the exact cause and provide a treatment to eliminate it. Despite this, you should maintain body skin creams on a regular basis. Day and night. With a few simple steps, your skin will improve significantly in just a few months.

Why do skin blemishes come out?

It should be taken into account that this is a very common stain skin These are: nevus (moles), epilepsies (typical freckles) and solar lentigines. The first two examples usually appear in childhood and adolescence, and if the dermatologist does not need it, there is no treatment. Another one Main reasons It has been exposed to the sun for years. This type of procedure can cause brown spots to appear on the face, arms and neck, especially for people with lighter skin.

Some usually appear in childhood or adolescence Some usually appear in childhood or adolescence

This type was called stain ‘Liver Spots’ or ‘Liver Spots’, but its appearance is not related to liver diseases or any other internal diseases. In these spots, an excess of the normal skin pigment called melanin, combined with deposits of certain proteins damaged by chronic sun exposure, works. It causes premature aging of the skin, hence, it is necessary Put sunscreen on your bodyEspecially in the face and neck area (more protection).

Take care of blemished skin

To avoid the appearance of spots on the skin, the first thing to do is to buy Specific products. That is, on the one hand, for the face and neck, on the other hand, for other parts of the body. When buying makeup, whether it’s winter or summer, you need to think about whether the foundation has sun protection. This is a way to control the reappearance of more blemishes. Plus, you can top up the sunscreen before applying makeup its effect.

Before makeup, a primer and sunscreenBefore makeup, a primer and sunscreen

The same applies to other parts of the body, but it may be less protective, and it is not necessary if it is winter. Always in your hands You can apply a couple of drops. This gesture can effectively help the health of the skin and is very vitamin rich. If all you want to do is get rid of sun spots, you should ask about cryotherapy treatments, which apply a lot of cold to the affected area.

Further Stains may appear For other types of reasons, the first thing to find out is the appearance, because they can be spots of diabetes, the dermatologist will prescribe whitening creams and identify the cause of acanthosis nigricans, but each case is different. If they are spots due to acne, a good treatment will be needed to consolidate them Skin color. Rosehip, two to three times a day, scar and avoiding sunlight, will make you notice the results very fast.

After its removal you can do peeling or treatments

After its removal you can do peeling or treatments

Once all the blemishes are removed, skin lightening treatments can be done Application of creams With acids, acid peels, microneedling and aesthetic treatments, etc Laser or pulsed light (Always go to a trusted esthetician). Also, you may be affected by possible birthmarks Lighter or darker. There’s usually no clear-cut solution, but an acid peel can be done because it removes the outer-middle layer of skin, and laser treatment is an option, if a health professional says so.

For those people who are suffering wake up As each case is a different world, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist to start the most appropriate treatment, however it is necessary to use sun protection as the light is more likely to cause skin cancer. So, regardless of the type of stain you have, it’s best to go to a professional because, as mentioned above, each case is very different.

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