Ideas for a garden with pallets

Pallets are the perfect tool for creating a rustic and very chic atmosphere in your garden, as well as for practical purposes.

Pallets are a resource that it’s easy to give it a second lifeDue to their structure, they can be used in all types and are also easy to process or obtain. From beds in the bedroom or headboards to tables in the living room. It is becoming increasingly normal to view this element as a decorative element. more inside the house. But this article will teach you how use pallets in the gardento allow you to have a vertical garden, fence or porch furniture that will look very chic and still be cheap.

The spread of decor using pallets shows that ecodesign in fashionthis trend allows products to be recycled and reused to give them a second life and thus help the environment as well as the domestic economy. This is an object that is available to everyone or can even be obtained for free. Their wood allows them to be painted or varnished. to give it a touch that matches every home. Sometimes they need to be filed down first to remove splinters, but other times they are already in perfect condition to allow a coat of paint. The main advantage of pallets is that they customizableIf you’re feeling creative, you can make them to your liking from scratch, but if you’d rather see some results for inspiration, feel free to keep reading.

Pallet decorating is a trend that more and more people are doing.Pallet decorating is a trend that more and more people are doing.

Original ideas with pallets for the garden

The garden is one of the places in the home where we can maximize our creativity and passion for design and design. Pallets are an ideal tool for solving some practical issuesand also create rustic and at the same time very chic atmosphere. Below you’ll find plenty of ideas on how to use a pallet, but remember, the most important thing is to let your imagination run wild and give it your own personal touch.

Rest zone: They can be made fantastic furniture using only pallets, and by placing them in the corner of the garden or even on the veranda, you can create a relaxation area typical of the best beach bar on the beach. It must be taken into account that in the garden the pallets will suffer more from the effects of rain, sun, humidity and wind, so it will be important to install wheels to keep them at a certain distance from the ground and Coat them with garden furniture varnish. One coat will be enough to start with, but then you will have to maintain them and repeat the process at least once a year to keep them from deteriorating.

Pallets will give your garden furniture a relaxed feel.Pallets will give your garden furniture a relaxed feel.

Ideal swing: With just a pallet and ropes, you can get ideal swing for children and adults, find a fairly stable tree branch or, if you prefer, tie it to the beam of the roof itself. Just place the pallet horizontally and wrap four ropes around it, each at a corner, and then connect them two at a time, so the force will be better distributed and they will not be so tight. For the base Place several pillows in an original waywhich will make it more aesthetic and convenient.

You can also make a swing from pallets.You can also make a swing from pallets.

Vertical garden: If you don’t have a place or area to plant plants, join us vertical garden trend, they are very aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain, and also save precious space on the terrace. It can be raised as a stand for flower pots, as shelves or to use the tray itself as a flower pot, for which the inside of the pallet must be lined with some material, for example thick felt. All options are wonderful, and wood is the perfect support for create a warm and natural climateYou can also write the name of the culture on it or draw decorative motifs.

Tool storage shelf: If you have a large garden you will need storage space for all toolspallets are the ideal element for create a bookshelf or even a workspace. One option is to hang it on the wall and nail on hooks for small tools, while another can be placed on the floor to fit larger tools like rakes or shovels into the holes. If you want a real workspace where you can work on projects and crafts, you can stack about 6 or 8 pallets of drawers, as well as a work desk where you can also stack one vertically against the wall to act as a shelf. where you can put your tools.

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All these ideas are practical and it just takes a little time and skill, when decorating with pallets, money is secondary, so the desire to be able to decorate your garden the way you want is important. These ideas are simple and very clear, but There are also more complex techniques, such as a pool made of pallets or a house. where children can play, it all depends on your ambitions, and also on whether you can count on someone’s help or not. Pallets allow you create from the simplest to the most complexbut always reflecting your taste and creativity, remember that by decorating your garden with this element, you will feel the satisfaction of a job well done, and this will be the greatest reward.

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