Insight introduces its eco-friendly body and hair care line

The natural cosmetics brand has introduced shampoos, conditioners and skin products from certified organic farming.

¿ Adopting a personal care routine that protects the planet is possible ? So Intelligence His presents A new range of hair and body products for male and female Meets the most demanding ecological standards. With your label’ Urban nature ‘The brand aims to offer a range of products with eco-friendly raw materials with minimal environmental impact. All this at one o’clock Affordable price for everyone It promises unmatched results. ¿ Could be more perfect ?

for its preparation Intelligence The use of high quality materials is very important. They have innovative and unconventional formulations, including phytoextracts, biotoils and 96% of the formula is biological substances of natural origin. They are free of synthetic dyes, silicones and petroleum. They are designed without SLS/SLES, Allergen-free parabens and fragrances. The main ingredient is ozonated water with excellent antioxidant power, which guarantees quick, safe and deep cleansing. 100% ecological.

Insight Dry Hair Spray and Antioxidant ShampooInside Dry Hair Spray and Antioxidant Shampoo

Intelligence Has thought of everything and The packaging is also sustainable. PET plastic is used for this Protect the environment And Reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Its caps are made from recycled PP and have tubes Sugarcane-based PE compounds. Labels are static though Recycled PET and collaborates with Insight RafCycle project It is responsible for providing the containers with an effective life cycle and less environmental impact.

Products for everyone

The product range includes ‘ Hair care ‘, a line dedicated to hair care and ‘ Hair treatments and hair styling ‘He should be given personality. It contains’ Intelligent skin ‘It takes care of the skin Icea Eco Bio certification e ‘ Intelligent man ‘ Dedicated to men’s beard and skin care. The Italian hair and body care brand has thought of everything in its latest collection and everything indicates that it will be a hit.

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