Is it bad to use a fan on summer nights?

With the advent of heat, many people choose a fan as an effective solution to a good night’s sleep.

With the advent of heat, many choose a fan as an effective solution Can sleep well at night. It is a cheaper alternative to air conditioning and less harmful to your health. However, experts do not recommend sleeping with a fan on. In the following article we tell you if there are any health hazards of using a fan and what are the consequences of sleeping with it.

Sleeping with a fan has a series of health risksSleeping with a fan has a series of health risks

Is sleeping with a fan bad for health?

Meaning sleeping with a fan Persistent Health Risks:

  • On the one hand, it causes repeated allergic reactions. fan air Removes dust May be present in the environment, it can easily penetrate into the human body. That is why the use of fan can be harmful for allergy sufferers.
  • Another danger arises Severe dryness of skin and throat. It is common for people who sleep with their mouths open to wake up feeling dry.
  • Air can cause irritation of the paranasal sinuses For severe headache and marked increase in nasal congestion.
  • Air may be coming from the fan Muscles become more tense May lead to severe muscle pain upon waking.

How to avoid fan health risks

  • Using an air purifier in the room is an option. This device is important While avoiding potential allergens.
  • It is better to drink water immediately after waking up for dry mouth. Don’t forget that either Moisturize the skin well So it doesn’t dry out too much.
  • Wash the nose before going to bed and after waking up They are perfect when the paranasal sinuses are properly irrigated. It fights nasal congestion and headaches directly.
  • If you want to avoid possible muscle problems, it is better to put a fan farthest from the body.
  • It is important that the fan does not hit you directly in the face, as this way you can avoid it Headache and nasal congestion.

How to use a fan

  • It is better to use it to prevent the wind from going in one direction In rotating mode.
  • It is advisable to clean the fan frequently To prevent the blades from getting dusty.
  • When avoiding noise, it is better to choose a fan Be calm.
  • You should not put it at maximum speed, otherwise it will cause the environment Too dryLeads to headache and significant nasal congestion.
Air from the fan removes dust from the environmentAir from the fan removes dust from the environment

Differences between Fan and Air Conditioner

There are many differences Between the fan and the air conditioner :

  • The fan is very economical and Fast and easy to use.
  • Air conditioning helps fight better High temperature. It is capable of completely cooling a specific room in the house.
  • The big disadvantage of air conditioning is that it is more expensive than a fan and needs to be used With the right temperature To avoid health problems.
  • If not used properly, the health risks are greater than the fan itself. Headaches are more severe and there is a greater risk of respiratory problems Like a cold.

In short, according to experts on the subject Do not abuse fan Summer nights. Although less harmful than air conditioners, fans do pose some health risks.

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