Is it in the kitchen or living room?

Is it in the kitchen or living room? Here are some pros and cons of both options.

House design and architecture moving forward by leaps and bounds. Something that can be translated into the fact that what is the latest trend today will become a piece of fashion from the past tomorrow. Customs, lifestyle and circumstances are the fundamental parameters that influence this fact, which in turn makes it more common today that people start choosing to have a kitchen as a dining room as well.

Therefore, classic living rooms or dining rooms separated from the kitchen are a thing of the past. Now, to save meters at home, we decided to create the perfect kitchen. to have a family reunion. Therefore, the first step is to work on making its appearance pleasant and welcoming. Something that can be easily achieved with good decor, stylish countertops and a different flooring than what we tend to believe when we think of a kitchen.

The kitchen at home is the most visited placeThe kitchen at home is the most visited place

However, it must be said that there are still many people who prefer to save somewhat more classic home style and dedicate square footage of your home to creating a kitchen on one side and a living or dining room on the other. Given this fact, many people have a question, where to eat then? Well, there are several advantages and disadvantages to both places, so each person will have to decide which option they most want to follow.

Pros and cons of eating in the kitchen

Lunch or dinner in a house is usually an important moment of the day as members meet and talk about everything that has happened to them or much more. Ultimately it produces very pleasant meeting situation around food that makes people relax and then return to their routine or activities.

Sharing moments while eating is usually more convenient in the kitchen.Sharing moments while eating is usually more convenient in the kitchen.

As for the kitchen, there are several reasons why it is better to eat in it:

  • More efficiency: Preparing food in the kitchen and then setting the table in the living room and rearranging all the dishes is a waste of time that not everyone is willing to accept. It has been proven that eating in the kitchen saves time, and this is what makes people who cannot devote a long time to this time of day, refuse to eat in the living room and prefer to eat in the kitchen.
  • Ease of cleaning: When you cook, you always have to wash not only the dishes, but also the countertop, ceramic hob, etc. For this reason, there are those who prefer to dirty only one place in their home and then choose not to eat in the living room. In other words, when preparing food, the kitchen gets dirty and the fact that these products are subsequently consumed in another place will mean that both the first and the second will have to be collected. On the other hand, if everything is done in one place, it will be easier to keep that area clean.
  • Warmer Environment: Obviously, the kitchen is a place that conveys a feeling of warmth, since it is the place where mom, dad or grandma cooks and where, in many cases, impromptu meetings take place. The dining room conveys a greater sense of coldness, although it is true that this depends on how it is decorated and organized. Moreover, on certain days of the year, such as Christmas, it becomes the center of meetings and celebrations.
The food in the living room is usually less refined.The food in the living room is usually less refined.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Less complex and tasty dishes: For many, eating in the dining room or living room is synonymous with the fact that more time is devoted to this time of day, and therefore the food or foods to be eaten are more carefully thought out and no detail is overlooked on the table. On the other hand, this usually doesn’t happen in the kitchen.
  • Less relaxation: In contrast to the movement, sounds and smells of a kitchen, a living room or dining room is typically more relaxing for diners, making it a preferred space for many. First of all, these are those people who seek to enjoy a moment of tranquility during lunch or dinner.

Pros and cons of eating in a salon

In this case, the positive aspects of spending these moments of the day in the living room are:

  • Time to share: Meeting and having an experience is something that can happen anywhere. However, doing this in the living room is more convenient and will allow you to relax better over time. Additionally, it provides a sense of moment where you slow down and your mind is distracted from the problems of everyday life to better enjoy the company and food.
  • Foreign odors: Eating in the living room allows you to avoid the kitchen odors and smoke that comes from cooking.
The living room is usually reserved for moments of relaxation.The living room is usually reserved for moments of relaxation.

Finally, among the shortcomings we find the following:

  • Less speed: Typically, for many, eating in the living room is synonymous with slower speed. That is, during the week people tend to rush, which means they avoid setting the table in the dining room or living room and prefer to eat in the same place where they cook in order to go faster and get rid of formalities. moment.
  • Finally, it will be a matter of taste choose to eat in one place or another, since nothing is written about the taste. Also, not all kitchens and living rooms are the same, so perhaps there are those who manage to feel equally relaxed in the kitchen and in the living room, or those who feel that warm atmosphere in the living room rather than in the kitchen.

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