Is the bread made with good quality leaven?

Fermentation takes time and if it is not allowed to rest for the required time, the bread will not be of such quality.

Making bread involves mixing four types of ingredients: Flour, water, salt and yeast. From here, you can add additional ingredients to help make it more rich. In recent years, sourdough has become increasingly popular as an ingredient when it comes to making healthy bread.

However, there is doubt as to whether bread is made from leaven It is healthy as they say. In the following article we talk to you about sourdough and how to distinguish healthy or good bread from bad or less healthy bread.

Sourdough is a natural ferment made from flour and water.Sourdough is a natural ferment made from flour and water.

What is sour?

Sour is a natural type of sour flour and water. The dough has been fermented for a few days. According to many bakers, sourdough is better than industrial yeast because it preserves the bread better and tastes better.

Depending on the grain used, sourdough is a type. The fermentation solution used varies Wheat, spelled or rye flour. It also matters if it is wheat flour or whole wheat flour. Real sourdough does not contain industrial yeast of any kind.

How do you know if the bread is good?

Patience is key when it comes to making quality bread. Acid fever needs time and if not rested for the required time, The bread will not be of good quality. When distinguishing a good bread from a less healthy one, it is important to take into account the following features or factors:

  • If the production time is significant and long, the bread will be more expensive than industrial breads. Unhealthy bread Usually costs much less More than artfully made bread.
  • No two crafts are the same.. If the loaves are uniform in size and appearance, it means they are of poor quality.
  • Another factor to take into account when considering a loaf of bread is good It is bark. Artisan crusts are darker and thicker than industrial breads.
  • Artisan bread Heavy weight Because its slice is very dense.
  • Good or artisan bread It smells like cereal.
Bread made with natural ingredients is healthyBread made with natural ingredients is healthy

Is sourdough bread healthy?

Bread made with natural ingredients is healthy. Excessive use of refined flours creates bread Not good for health. So-called white bread has fewer nutrients than whole-wheat bread.

As for tamarind, there are studies showing that fermenting this type of flour is good for people with diabetes. Other studies indicate that sourdough is good for people with intestinal problems. Like Crohn’s disease.

Industrial type bread has bad flour Does not provide nutrients to the body. Apart from this, it has a large number of combinations that make it very attractive to consumers. As if that weren’t enough, it contains more salt and sugar than sourdough artisan bread.

In short, sourdough bread is good for your health as long as it lasts No additives and is made without the presence of industrial yeast. The important thing is that the bread is prepared in a completely natural way and for the required time.

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