Japanese Cosmetics: Keys to Success

Products of Japanese origin are highly recommended due to their ingredients and effectiveness.

If there’s one thing that’s really important in Japan, it’s its cosmetics, but you can find brands that are very different from what we usually know, and even more expensive products when they get our hands on them. We see them as bargains; Very cheap and good. These products are well known because they are very respectful to the skin, avoiding chemical-based ingredients. This means that its cosmetics are made using natural ingredients, traditional formulas and the latest manufacturing technologies.

Hinoki tree oil is used in some of the most unusual perfumes in their composition.Hinoki tree oil is used in some of the most unusual perfumes in their composition.

But it’s not just their cosmetics, their perfumes are also characterized by a great commitment to their production and ingredients, which are very meticulously selected. For example, there are some unusual perfumes in their composition, such as the oil of the hinoki tree, the Japanese cherry blossom called “sakura” or its characteristic plum tree. Japanese beauty practices are very simple and are halfway between European rituals and the more popular Korean rituals. Japanese women use less products, but in a more formal way, massage more Techniques that have the most effect when applied and in the long term.

Best brands

When it comes to Japanese cosmetics, we can distinguish eight brands that are the most popular and with the best response in the market. These are brands that have been successful in their country and are now becoming increasingly strong outside their borders.

1. The first is brand “Goes”. It has been one of the most innovative in the country since it was founded in 1946 by Kosaburo Kobayashi. Since then, they have been engaged in the search for the essence of beauty, which is their core philosophy. Integrates quality and research; In addition to more than 60 years of highly strategic development. Top dermatologists and molecular engineers have worked with the company to constantly innovate its cosmetics. Its ingredients are of the highest quality because they are combined to make their results more effective; It has got its most loyal customers all over the world.

2. Signature “Muji”, developed in Japan in the early 80s, was an attack on the brand consumerism of the moment. One of its cousins ​​is quality cosmetics without logos on the back. Thanks to this, it has become the Japanese product with the most international presence, with 57 stores in Europe and 27 countries around the world. They have always preserved simplicity in their business thinking and in the design of their products, thus focusing on the high quality of their products and precisely spending all their strength and economy on not deceiving their customers.

3. “U B” It was discovered in 1957 by a Japanese pharmacist who, at the request of one of his clients, was suffering from severe eczema on his skin. In Spain we can find it under the “BodyBell” brand. Its production is based on concentrated cream of glycerin, vitamin B2, E and camphor; All are manufactured under its own formula. It is designed for all ages, body and face.

4. In Japanese cosmetics, we also find the brand “SK-II”. In this case we are already talking about luxury products, with prices that are out of reach for everyone. Its star ingredient is pitera, an active ingredient obtained by fermenting yeast rice, and many products are made in Japan, for example, sake. An idea that arose from the fact that monks who worked in sake distilleries had young and perfect hands.

The use of natural ingredients increases the quality of cosmetics and is beneficial for the skin.The use of natural ingredients increases the quality of cosmetics and is beneficial for the skin.

5. One of the best known in Europe “Shizido”. It was created by Ariponu Fukuhara, the head of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Realizing that the country’s pharmaceutical products were of very poor quality, he decided to open his own pharmacy in which he blended Eastern and Western medicine and was one of the first to invest in research and development in Japan. This is how it has become an international legend today.

6. Another is well known “Sensei”, formerly known as “Kanebo Sensei”. It is a cosmetics brand that strives to combine traditional Japanese recipes with cutting-edge science. Therefore, it creates luxury products with proven performance and quality, becoming one of the best leaders in beauty today. Their laboratories continue to struggle with time, hence their two main ingredients: sansashi extract and koishimaru silk extract.

7. “Astalift”, a Japanese brand founded by Fujifilm. She specializes in facial care and is based on melanin formation and aging work. Its main ingredients are astaxanthin, natural collagen and other microbial products. Its products care for aging skin by stimulating cell regeneration.

8. “Shu Uemura” She is the queen of Japanese luxury cosmetics. Based on the traditional tea ceremony, its products offer incredible hair care rituals. It plays with precious and natural materials, improving it through the use of science. She has been working in the world of makeup since 1958 and her eyelash curler is her star feature.

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