Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski rock the best beauty looks of the week

The best beauty looks include a sibling fight, as well as two impressive beauty looks to go out and work into your everyday life.

Whenever there’s a premiere, photocalls or fashion shows happening, we go there to see the best celebrity looks of the week. But the truth is, Just looking at their daily life, you can also find beautiful looks. This, in addition, may even give you some ideas to succeed.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Style Look

We begin Emily Ratajkowski. She walks her pet on the streets of New York looking very comfortable. A Very casual styling He has to walk around his house wearing a white top and a camel fur coat to protect himself from the cold.

Emily Ratajkowski is a New YorkerEmily Ratajkowski is a New Yorker

That’s a view Finished off with some sneakers From the Nike brand, a black bag that’s perfect for long walks with your pet and all you need to run some errands with your dog.

If her style is better, Her beauty is still the same. Emily Ratajkowski hid her eyes with big sunglasses for the so-called ‘washed face effect’, but they revealed the truth. I don’t have BB cream And a nude lipstick with a very light glossy touch. And the hair doesn’t need him Rather than brushing your hair Go right.

The naturalness of Sofia Vergara

Continuing with it Nature’s way We meet Sofia Vergara. The ‘Modern Family’ star was spotted on the streets of Pasadena (California) this week looking very casual, but she’s as stylish as ever.

Sofia Vergara with the most glamorous lipstickSofia Vergara with the most glamorous lipstick

Style created by few Ripped midi jeans with a basic white T-shirt with a V-neckline and high heel sandals A snake print and a brown fabric coat is perfect for running errands in a stylish and divine way.

Of course, sunglasses can’t go wrong with her look. Behind those sunglasses, you can see how Sofia Vergara used herself A lightweight makeup base and mattifying powder. Of course, not knowing how she created her look, it’s clear that she wanted to highlight her lips with a very seductive burgundy.

Perfect waves by Clara Lago

We reach the moment of the red carpet with the presentation of the 2020 edition of the Malaga Film Festival, which takes place between March 13 and 22. One of those who attended the press conference to launch the new version Clara LagoWith a Dsquared2 signature look.

Clara Lago with great waves at the Malaga Festival presentationClara Lago with great waves at the Malaga Festival presentation

A white corset style tied at the waist with a brooch and paired with straight black pants and black high heel sandals. Beauty for the occasion. Very much in keeping with her characteristic style, the artist left her hair loose, Comb in perfect waves but with a slightly tousled effect.

She finished off with a very natural make-up which suited her beautifully with a wavy parted hair in the middle. It is more, Her makeup was so natural that she missed out on using a mattifying powder. Avoid that dull zone by letting the spotlight shine on the red carpet.

Kate Middleton, face wash

We close the top five with two ‘real’ brothers-in-law who have been making a lot of headlines lately, but each in completely different directions. We are talking, one can guess, By Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton's most natural look on her visit to IrelandKate Middleton’s most natural look on her visit to Ireland

We begin Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and his wife are on a three-day tour of Ireland to strengthen ties with the UK. A trip worn by Kate Middleton, as always, gives the perfect look for every occasion.

We couldn’t help but notice His face was washed Visit an animal farm. With her usual smile, William of England’s wife decided to simply brush her hair and apply only A mascara and a little blush to give your face some color.

Meghan Markle’s Big Comeback

It has nothing to do with the beauty look her sister-in-law Meghan Markle wore in public again after all the Sussex controversy. The Duchess made her first joint appearance with husband Prince Harry at the Endeavor Fund Awards after announcing her decision to leave the British Royal House.

Meghan Markle makes her long-awaited comeback with a smoky lookMeghan Markle makes her long-awaited comeback with a smoky look

Knowing that All eyes, on the other hand, are logically going to be on her, Meghan Markle chose the perfect look, if possible. Meghan Markle opted for Victoria Beckham’s signature blue short-sleeved dress Marked makeup in the presence of blushSmoky eyes and a pink gloss accentuate her ear-to-ear smile.

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