Kate Middleton, Queen Letizia and Adriana Ugarte are the top beauty looks of the week

Lidia Torrent and Maribel Verdú won over the critics and were crowned the best beauty look of the week.

Check out the changesMakeup inspired Hollywood’s American DreamFull combinations Glitter and fantasy Or respectable beauty on the red carpet… and the thing is, Seven days goes a long wayEven more if we take into account Number of related events Fashion, cinema, royalty and entertainment celebrated this week.

Always perfect, always Middleton

Kate Middleton shows that natural makeup is her best allyKate Middleton shows that natural makeup is her best ally

Always the Duchess of Cambridge In the light of public opinion. Prince William’s wife Grab the headlines and win cards Most important fashion publications. The wife of the future England must learn a profession to which she devotes herself every day with effort and sacrifice. But aside from her work as a member of the Royal House, Kate Middleton Trying to send messages from his dressing room with a few winks. Betting as much as possible on British fashion and his mother-in-law Lady D, he sometimes winks at more international fashion – special mention to his fetish brand Chanel – namely Kate Middleton. It is customary to wear cheap clothes They sell out in minutes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are excited to visit Pakistan. Their first date happened Islamabad Model College for GirlsThey are received by students of all ages With a big smile. The look Kate Middleton chose on Tuesday morning deserves a surprise. Inspired design Pakistani traditional dress Designed by Catherine Walker, the Duchess’ flagship brand. Blue was the star of the ensemble with elegant silver embroidery adorning the neckline of the floaty over-trousers dress. Regarding her beauty looks and cover letter: Natural makeup and nice face. Defined brows, smoky brown tones to add depth to the look, soft pink blush for extra glow and lips lined with nude lipstick. Refresh the entire look.

Proudly made in Spain

Your career Started as a teenager And, at the age of 49, we see the physical and professional evolution of an actress who, in the mouths of many professionals and experts in the seventh art, is unprecedentedly proud. Maribel Verdú maintains almost half a century of experience in this Perfectly juicy skin and colorful, Free from blemishes and blemishes, with a few expression lines around the eyes, definitely from the smile. And although his genetics played a major role Prevents signs of aging, many estheticians dare to point out that certain filler treatments, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, have been done right. Reveals a very subtle facial oval Work and well hydrated skin. A sure sign that you can Age with dignity.

Too much makeup: Maribel Verdú and how to achieve the 'no makeup' effectToo much makeup: Maribel Verdú and how to achieve the ‘no makeup’ effect

In her last public appearance, the actress opted for a trend Most powerful of the season And who took away ten years from you with the stroke of a pen, Fuchsia pink. Dressed in a fitted two-piece suit, palazzo pants and a waist-hugging blazer, the actress gave a style lesson if you will. Take the years from the calendar. A look that blends perfectly with a beauty look In a natural force and without excess. Soft Touches of highlighter In strategic areas and Blush on the cheek The result is juicy and glowing skin. The key is the eyes. A structured look with He smoked in a nude tone And black eyeliner for an XXL look. Lips drawn a High coverage stick in pink. Its formula contains moisturizing waxes so that it does not dry out the corners.

Sophisticated and natural, two adjectives that go together

Proof that simplicity equals successProof that simplicity equals success

Follow our rankings Spanish actresses We meet Adriana Ugart. One of the most successful actresses of the motherland on the small screen Looks and choices on the red carpet They always develop emotions. Her relationship with fashion and beauty is as serious as it is relaxed at the same time. He is used to posing in front of the lens As a model, is now at the top of the acting world. An actress who gained fame for her role in the hit TV series “La Señora”, where she portrays a film. Avoid excessive technique In most cases. However, when betting on glamor, he knows how to make the right choices Exuding style and perfection.

And the actress usually bet Simple beauty routines, is far from extravagant and opulent. In a simple look, she feels as natural and very comfortable as she did in her last public appearance. Light matte foundation and a brick blushNaturalness prevails, Escape from overloaded options. Flawless and works very well on skin, cheek blush, pink and smoky lipstick in earth tones. what His heart attack has dropped his eyelids, one of its hallmarks. sure, A flawless look Head to toe.

The most popular hair in Spain

    Natural and tousled waves are an essential element in all of your looks Natural and tousled waves are an essential element in all of your looks

It was the decade Supermodels and very grunge fashion When Elsa Anka wins Modeling and the world of television. The Catalan model offered practically everything from every television channel, including TV3 to Telemadrid and TVE. A professional career and one of the most successful faces Nineties. At fifty-one, she still poses and exudes the same energy, and although she no longer works, it’s common to see her with her daughter, Lydia Torrant, whom she seems to have passed on. Witness your success on television. We all know her for her stint as a waitress in the hit Quatro show, ‘First Dates’, where she is seen every night serving first-time daters. Looking for love.

However, Lydia More than that. The actress has evolved and unwittingly become a fixture in the spotlight and on television. A natural and very Spanish beauty that appears in the most popular events on the national scene. A hair with seductive waves has become her symbol. A hairstyle with water waves gives it a style Very natural, casual and simple. You don’t need to dive into the ocean to achieve this, especially if you live inland We have good news for you. You can get it by washing your hair With the help of fresh water and tongs. Simple, right? Another important factor is to resort to being more fashionable and assertive Salt water spray With a perfect finish and high volume. Very Torrent result.

Leticia and the change of season

Queen Letizia: A natural and highly polished beautyQueen Letizia: A natural and highly polished beauty

With the change of seasonDon’t just update your wardrobe for another one Minimal and cool tones dominateBut your beauty ritual will take a 180 degree turn and natural makeup will change His win of the season. The wife of Felipe VI monopolizes the headlines and graces the covers of the most important fashion publications. Queen Letizia She is a style icon who has recently been stepping out of her comfort zone, presenting modern projects like the one worn by Felipe Varela on Columbus Day. Light pink and designed with a midi cut, collar and long sleeves. Obvious with butterflies And fluid and flared skirt.

Ovieo gets dressed. The royal family has arrived in the capital of Asturias with news and Princess Leonor’s debut at the Princess of Asturias Awards is the most important. If we were talking about the Queen’s perfect look a few days ago, it’s time to talk about her beauty look. Complete hydration and natural and sophisticated makeup will bring out the best version of you. Glowing skin with little touches of highlighter To provide highlights that lift your cheekbones and refine the T-zone of the face. Eyes The smoke is marked in earth tonesAlways defined brows line your face and eyelids with black eyeliner For a spectacular look. Lips painted in matte color draw The most successful and daring beauty appearance race.

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