Kiko launches its new line for Spring 2020: it’s ‘Tuscan Sunshine’

Italian brand Kiko welcomes spring with its ‘Tuscan Sunshine’ collection, where you’ll find fragrances with a very floral scent.

Kiko Cosmetics House launches its new spring collection with colors and fragrances that make skin care easy. This line has a reach of cosmetic products Great beauty looks By the new tones of the season.

The name of this capsule is ‘ Tuscan Sunshine ‘ and divides its products into zones, with a total of fifteen cosmetics focusing on the face, eyes, lips and nails. This beauty innovation is made up of, among others, eye foundation, bronzer, shadows or lipstick, all with a floral fragrance that will transport you directly to the flower season.

How about ‘Tuscan Sunshine’?

One of the most interesting aspects of Tuscan Sunshine Separate their products Depending on its purpose and mode of use. This is a very practical one as it makes searching easier and also gives more visibility to the product. As for the packaging, pink tones are predominant in this line and they have floral designs with the feel of the desired campaign. Leave the winter.

The Face area It has six products ranging from a facial cream to a palette of highlighters and blushes. The Italian brand has made quite a few Fine powders To set the makeup, some bronzers to highlight the features, liquid foundation and a brush with a double-ended design Very practical. Of course, this collection is not detailed, and it contains all the products necessary to achieve a complete makeup.

In addition to the facial area, cosmetics are heavily concentrated eye type With a total of six products. It contains the most common cosmetic items such as an eyeshadow palette, mascara or a brush for applying the eyeliner. But in addition, the company has added three more products that, in addition to being innovative, are particularly convenient:

  • ‘Neutral eye base’. It’s a fixing base in a gel format that helps the eye shadow stay longer and allows you to take more risks with designs.
  • ‘Tuscan Sunshine Eyebrow Duo’. This product has two applications and four available shades. It consists of a pencil and a brush at opposite ends, both of which are designed to outline the brows.
  • ‘Tuscan Sunshine 3 in 1 Mascara’. This is a double mascara, with two applicators you can achieve three effects: volume, length and a wider look.

For the lips, the Italian company offers a total of two products for sale, which are perfectly combined but used separately: an oil that helps keep the skin soft and a pencil stick with a wet effect in six colors to enhance the lips. Finally, the preparation Refers to nails It is a scented varnish in four shades, with which you can create the most original designs.

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