Language initiation in blind children

The Gestures They form the basis for later acquisition of oral language. it is a Obvious difficulty For the learning of blind children, since they do not see the world in the first weeks of life, the first sounds are heard and the first pictures are seen, little by little they acquire meaning and relate to each other. . In this way we create our world, giving meaning and meaning to everything that was not there in the beginning.

Physical contact, the best partner

By not visualizing your interlocutor or his gestures Impossible That the blind child Follow facial and body gestures from those around him, thus facing a barrier in his language development and communication a challenge.

However, this is not an insurmountable limit as there are other such influential factors Emotional communication and attachmentCreating a Communication between the child and the other person. Touch becomes a bond for the child, reaching connections with others similar to the success carried out by the sighted child.

Gestures form the basis for later acquisition of verbal languageGestures form the basis for later acquisition of verbal language

Also, although initially many stones appear on the road, the ability to overcome and A series of techniques We will explain below what makes communication work possible and allows these children to interact with their environment correct language And nothing too far from other children without visual impairments.

Touch for feedback

The problem comes during the series Hints that are hard to understand And get a near and far idea like a blind person, because communication ceases to be passive in responding to the ideas of the surrounding world. These are concepts that require visual examples for their understanding, which is why they are more complex to explain in the case of blind children. however, Touch and movement They are the weapons by which these children learn and internalize concepts that can do without visual cues. Thus, although the task of learning becomes more difficult, we are not faced with an impossible task.

Verbal status

A child develops and with it language is needed. We arrived Verbal statuswhere is he indicating gesture Plays a very important role, and the child acquires a new way of communication, directing his gaze in the direction of the named object, pointing to it. During this process, the Physical contact It is necessary for a blind child pick up or feel an objectAt the same time chanting his name.

Parents should be involved to reach understanding in both directionsParents should be involved to reach understanding in both directions

Despite the high sensitivity experienced by these children, which compensates for the lack of vision, the enrichment of their vocabulary depends on experiences. Some more limited experiences but they are compensated by R Associate some words with others, visual information is replaced by verbal information. Therefore, blindness is not a barrier to speaking and understanding the words of others.

Parents are essential in the learning process

At this point, it is important to point out that a child cannot be left alone in these situations, therefore Parents should be involved To achieve understanding in both directions. That is, it is as important for parents to understand their child as it is for a blind child to understand their parents. It is in this last case that obstructions usually occur.

In the case of a sighted child, parents do not have to make a special effort to interpret their gestures and communicate with them. In the case of a blind child, this ability must be developed explicitly. The fact is that, being invisible, there is no visual exchange, which is very decisive in some situations.

Touch and sound are fundamental to language initiation in blind childrenTouch and sound are fundamental to language initiation in blind children

This is why it is impossible to know precisely the level of attention that blind children are paying at any given time, because their gestures are not very expressive and therefore difficult to interpret. It requires extra effort from spouses Identify your child’s emotions. The more attention, affection and understanding is given to the child, the better the child develops his language and self-expression.

In short

sure, Touch and sounds are basic The initiation of language in blind children and it enables proper learning, developing their verbal skills until they can communicate like other people without visual problems.

Because these children lack sight, they develop hearing and touch very intensively, and despite the obstacles that arise at the beginning of the learning phase, the initiation and subsequent acquisition of language, as well as its development and evolution, connection and the involvement of those around him, especially his parents, are some simple seemingly impossible tasks. Creates bumps that disappear completely over time, giving space to a person. Same verbal skills than others.

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