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Lettering is an art that, despite its age, stands out for its beauty on social media.

Lettering or creative writing is a writing technique that has been around for many years, but has now become very popular not only because of its incredible beauty and fits perfectly into any design, but also because of its anti-stress properties. Learning this technique is a good idea for creating cards, letters, illustrations and even decorating agendas or creating the famous bullet journal. Likewise, this technique will help you develop creativity and reduce anxiety if you suffer from it.

If you want to learn how to write using this new technique, this article will give you all the keys to lettering to become an expert in this new art, so feel free to continue reading. find out everything you need to know.

What is lettering

Lettering is often confused with calligraphy and typography, and while they are all forms of writing and communication, they are not the same thing. You need to know how to differentiate this in order to be able to start practicing it.:

Lettering is a fashionable art that will help improve your handwritingLettering is a fashionable art that will help improve your handwriting

Printing house

Typography is the art or science of creating letters. It is based on a set of letters, numbers and symbols that have common characteristics and which They are designed to be used on our computers..


calligraphy It is the art of letter writing, which is used as a set of traits that characterize each person in the way they write.. We can say that handwriting is a distinctive feature of each person, by which others can distinguish whether a message was written by a particular person.


Lettering is the art of drawing letters. It has nothing to do with whether we write well or not, lettering is actually drawing. imitating the form of calligraphy or typography.

Necessary materials for inscription

Indeed, any material for writing or drawing allows you to start practicing this art, since the most important thing is that make handwriting uniform where all the letters follow sequence and harmony among themselves. But if you want to specialize in this art and learn more about the professional material with which it is performed, here you can find a small summary of materials:

The popularity of lettering lies in its beauty.The popularity of lettering lies in its beauty.
  • Pencils: Even if you want to color the lettering using markers or pens, As with any drawing, the structure must be drawn in pencil in case we make a mistake., since this way we can delete it and start again. It is most recommended to use a mechanical pencil for greater precision and smooth strokes. 5 mm lead It would be enough.
  • Markers: The best markers for writing are hard tip markers, but soft brush. This is because by being able to rotate the brush at will, we can create thick and thin strokes without having to change markers.
  • Paper: Our ideal would be to have our own notepad, which is preferred by those who do lettering. These are meshes from the Moleskine brand.because with such good quality paper, not a single marker goes through the paper.

How to start writing inscriptions

Starting a new business is always difficult, although there are some tips. to quickly get used to this art and it won’t cost you that much. Read these instructions to become familiar with the letters.

There are different ways to get started with lettering easily.There are different ways to get started with lettering easily.

Learn letter shapes

As with any science, you must first devote some study to the theory before you can begin to practice. And if you want to create a specific type of font, you will have to analyze various elements what does it consist of: does it have serifs or not, are they round or elongated…

Learn to hold a pencil

We must learn to control the force with which we write and be able to play with it in order to be able to create different strokes and shapes with a pencil or marker. Typically a marker should be taken from about the middleleaving the doll some freedom so that it can be easily moved.

Draw words, not alphabets

It’s better to start by writing words or phrases than by writing the entire alphabet, as at first it can be a little demotivating because we won’t achieve anything with individual letters, so it’s better to express our creativity, let’s start with words; The more, the better to be able to pay attention to every part of the typography we shoot. Likewise, if you choose a phrase, you can combine fonts within each word to teach different handwriting.

Types of inscriptions

To understand a little more about this art, Please note that there are different types.so you can choose the one you dislike the most or learn them all to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.

There are different types of captions, so you can choose the one you like best.There are different types of captions, so you can choose the one you like best.

Lettering Brush

Brush lettering is the style most similar to the calligraphy we would have if we were writing. It is usually curved and contains connected letters. This style is usually done with brushes or markers that simulate ink. watercolor, like Tombose; But people who base their writing on this technique often use brushes and watercolors or acrylic paints.

Chalk inscriptions

Chalk lettering is a type of lettering that is done with chalk on a pizza machine. In this type of lettering, creativity has a limit only in your head as you can make any calligraphy you want. from the most complex to the simplestIt also has the advantage of being very easy to erase.

hand lettering

This type of lettering has a little bit of everything, and while cursive lettering typically uses elegant and cursive letters, you really set the limit as you can do any calligraphy you want. Likewise, this typology He usually plays with visual effects a lot.giving the letters shadows and even neon light.

There are many examples of lettering on social networks.There are many examples of lettering on social networks.

Where to look for inspiration

If you need or are looking for inspiration, the best platforms for this are Instagram and Pinterest; And here you can find many artists whose Instagram accounts are dedicated solely to lettering illustrations that they make themselves. This, in addition to the fact that great source of inspiration for discovering different fonts, is good for motivation as we assure you that viewing illustrations such as those of Gemma O’Brien, Jennette Lio, Becky Clayson, Lauren Hom, Nick Misani, Noel Shively, Ade Hogue, Christopher Craig or Danger Dust; You will increasingly want to participate in this new art.

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