Lilies: types, characteristics and care

Lilies are one of the most common plants, so discover some of their features and, above all, the best way to care for them.

Lilies are flowers that belong to the genus Lilium, family Liliaceae and order Liliales. This flower is widely used to decorate gardens and can also be used in floral arrangements or as gifts.because their good aroma and excellent medicinal properties, demonstrated over the years, make them one of the most popular of all existing types of flowers.

There are many types of lilies, varying pleasantly in size, color and leaf shape. However, the most famous are: medeoloids, Journey’s End, speciosumvar. Rubrum, SterlingStar and StarGazer, as well as Martagon lilies. Moreover, thanks to its elegance, this flower It is part of the coats of arms of some countries, institutions and houses..

It is normal for us to find them in mountains or forested areas, although they can also be seen in other completely different climates, such as swamps.. The spread of this flower occurred thanks to discoveries that reached the Mediterranean Sea, India, Asia, Canada and the USA.

Lilies can be found in mountains, woodlands or swamps.Lilies can be found in mountains, woodlands or swamps.

This is a plant It is famous all over the world and is a great economic booster in some countries. for example, Holland, the country that produces the most lily bulbs to later ship to countries such as Canada, Europe and the United States; and Colombia, a country that has managed to make an important business out of floriculture. However, sales of this flower have gradually fallen due to the economic crisis, and now sales are more focused on more expensive and high-quality species.

Origin of the name

Lily It occupies a very important place in popular culture due to its symbolism and representation.. Its name comes from the Latin “lily”. At first this name applied only to the white lily or lily, but over time it came to be used to refer to all flowers of the genus Liliaceae.

However, the word “lily”, the name by which the lily is also known in many parts of the world, has origins in the Middle East, that is, in Ancient Egypt, as well as in Aramaic and Hebrew. The name given to it in Spanish comes from Arabic..

Lily is also called lily.Lily is also called lily.


The origins of the lily date back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt. This flower had the meaning of the divine power of the gods in the land of the pharaohs, especially the god Horus, the same one who, according to legend, created the entire population of Egypt. The lily was then so powerful that it adorned sarcophagi, as well as the palaces of kings. For many years it was believed that this flower could be found in the northern hemisphere of the world, but this is not true.

On the other hand, during the time of Ancient Greece, this flower It was associated with the union of the world of eternal beings and people, as well as with joy and the most beautiful goddesses. because of the beauty of the flower. As a curiosity, today the tradition of planting lilies near the places where the dead are buried remains, since we can find them in cemeteries.

Years later, in the Middle Ages, lilies could be seen in Christian frescoes and paintings. because it symbolized chastity and purity, as well as wealth, since the artist also used lilies to decorate the residences of the richest and castles. On the other hand, the most famous lily around the world today is the oriental lily, which comes from species native to Japan and Korea. And they are widely used to make aromatic creams and perfumes.

Lilies were used to decorate frescoes and paintings.Lilies were used to decorate frescoes and paintings.


These are plants whose height can reach one meter. Are perennial plants with leafy stems that form underground bulbs, thanks to which they can store nutrients and easily overwinter, that is, they are very strong and resistant plants. During the cold season, lilies prepare to bloom. However, their germination patterns also vary depending on where they are located and the climate.

As for his tones, Lilies vary in color depending on the species., but white ones are the most common and purchased. In addition, there are many perfumes with the scent of this flower because of the good aroma they exude.

The color of lilies varies depending on the speciesThe color of lilies varies depending on the species

On the other side, This plant has very good medicinal uses, which not everyone knows about.. And, for example, the oil of this flower is useful for complete relaxation of the body, as well as for reducing inflammation caused by bruises or injuries, or for applying to ulcers, skin marks, freckles and burns. If we use this oil in infusions, it will have a very good diuretic effect on our body.

A poultice made from lily bulbs can help improve the appearance of warts. The warmer the poultices are, the more beneficial all their properties will be. Finally, another medicinal use of this flower is the bioactivating ability of its bulbs in the world of cosmetics, since improves the appearance of the skin and promotes its regeneration. For this reason, it is widely used in anti-wrinkle creams.

Lilies help improve skin by regenerating it.Lilies help improve skin by regenerating it.


Just as many people don’t believe in the symbolism of plants, for many other people it is very important and is an aspect they take into account when giving things as gifts, for example. If you want to give lilies as a gift, do not forget to do so taking into account their symbolism, which is based on the color of the petals:

  • orange lilies: They mean love that will not change, desire, youthful passion and hot as fire.
  • yellow lilies: They symbolize a happy couple loving each other with real, warm and pleasant feelings.
  • red lilies: Red lilies represent passionate and fiery love. This is the best gift that can be given to a couple on proposal or accompanied by fragrant lily perfume.
  • white lilies: Like many other plants of this color, white lilies convey purity of heart, kindness, innocence… A flower that can increasingly be seen in brides’ bouquets when they get married.
  • purple lilies: This color symbolizes desire and passion, but taken to the extreme. They are perfect for a honeymoon where anything can happen.
  • variegated lilies: A symbol of devotion, respect and friendship, as well as sincerity on the part of both the one who gives the flower and the one who receives it.
Lilies, depending on their color, represent different things.Lilies, depending on their color, represent different things.


Although lilies are plants that are easy to plant and very adaptable to the climate, there are a few things you need to take into account if you want them to stay at their best once grown.

First of all, say that The best time to grow lilies is autumn.. It is best to plant the bulbs in an area with porous soil that receives direct sunlight and has good drainage. Be careful not to plant this flower near other flowers as they require a lot of nutrients. Keep a distance of at least 15 centimeters between the bulbs.

Insert the light bulb into a hole at least 10 centimeters deep. Be careful and make sure that it is well covered with soil on all sides so that its roots are not damaged by the heat.. As for watering, you should try not to overwater them, but to be constant, which will be a key factor in good growth. Once the flowers have bloomed, less water will be needed, although always as much as needed if the plant is growing in a very dry area.

Lilies were widely used by royalty.Lilies were widely used by royalty.

On the other hand, cover the soil with more fertilizer if you are planting the bulbs during a very cold season. This step can be repeated again when the lilies begin to bloom. When it’s time to cut off your lily’s buds, leave the stem alone so the flower will continue to bloom next season..

Be careful because lilies, like many other plants, are susceptible to diseases and pests such as rust, septoria, gray mold, aphids, snails and slugs.


  • They were exported for the wedding of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and businessman Daniel Westing. almost 10 thousand lilies from Colombia to Stockholm.
  • Lily connected to Europe, especially with France, as a symbol of kings such as Louis VII. And this is a flower that symbolizes honor, loyalty, purity of soul, elegance, power and sovereignty.
  • King Louis VII He was the first monarch to wear the fleur de lis. on print in France.
  • “Flor de Lis” is a symbolic image of a yellow lily with three petals pointing upward.
  • Lilies are part of the emblems world scout movement.
  • Many people believe that if you dissolve aspirin in a vase of water with lily flowers, you can improve their appearance and even make them live much longer time
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