L’Oréal against Covid19: manufactures disinfectant gel and makes corporate rates more flexible

The giant L’Oréal is joining the fight against the coronavirus by making itself available to healthcare companies and making payments more flexible for small businesses.

The coronavirus is paralyzing the world, and many organizations are scrambling to contain the pandemic. In this case, it’s the signature L’Oréal is launching a new initiative to improve the situation as much as possible.. In addition, the company stands in solidarity with medium and small businesses, offering them flexibility in collections until the situation improves.

The fashion brand supports pharmacies and nursing homes, hairdressers, perfumers and, of course, hospitals. The factories of the group will cooperate with the health authorities A total of one million euros has been donated for the production of disinfectant gel Health kits were also distributed among various organizations that specialized in providing them.

L'Oréal has launched a disinfectant gelL’Oréal has launched a disinfectant gel

Given the relentless progression of CoVid19 at this time, all help is essential. Acts like L’Oreal They help deliver hospital supplies in the most efficient manner possible. And many more can be hidden. Likewise, economic measures to help businesses with limited resources not only improve the current situation, but also provide peace of mind to stores considering the future of their business.

L’Oreal initiative

Roche-Posay and Garnier are the two lines responsible for providing aid to sectors most exposed to the virus. The foremost among them will be in charge Provide disinfectant to healthcare workers, pharmacists and nursing homes, where many of the most vulnerable people are located. Garnier covers supermarkets and, in general, all workers engaged in the distribution of food.

More and more cosmetic companies are producing disinfectant gelMore and more cosmetic companies are producing disinfectant gel

And the truth is that company directors feel a duty to contribute and support all those who put themselves at risk to others. “In the face of this unprecedented crisis, It is our responsibility to support those who are making great efforts in every possible way.. Through all these actions, we want to show our recognition, our support and our solidarity with those who are selflessly showing great courage and trying to fight this epidemic,” said Jean-Paul Agon, President and CEO of L’Oréal.

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