Make up like Isa Pantoja – Bequia Bellissa

For makeup application, Sabellita focuses on applying a luminous finish to the skin and emphasis on the eyes.

When it comes to makeup, it’s clear that Sabellita makes a choice Glowing skin It is one of his priorities. The truth is that young Pantoja has always focused on a natural look, but when she wants to add a little more emphasis to her makeup, she chooses to focus on the eyes. Your goal with this is to make them the focus of the makeup and give them drama while elongating the look. We review the makeup tricks the young lady uses to see how she achieves her look.

Sabellita opts for thick brows with a defined archSabellita opts for thick brows with a defined arch

Starting with the brows, Issa Pantoja opts for brows that give structure to the face to widen the look. To do this, choose a shape of eyebrows that are longer than the length of your eye, which widens the frame they are built on and creates a feeling. wide eyelid.

Once the length of the eyebrows is defined, it’s time to choose their thickness, Sabellita chooses thick, dark eyebrows that give personality to the face. To make them look like this, she creates them with dark brown tones, giving not only that darkness, but also definition. By extending the stroke outward, Sabellita creates a curve on its exterior that achieves the wide eyelid effect we talked about earlier.

For the eyes, the young woman from Pantojas chooses makeup that elongates her vision.For the eyes, the young woman from Pantojas opts for makeup that elongates her vision.

When it comes to eye makeup, Sabellita always chooses to create a wider look. We saw this in the brows he drew longer than the eyes to open up the lid area. The same goes for eye makeup, and Isa Pantoja can choose makeup with shades that blend outwards to create the impression of a larger, more slanted eye.

We see in other celebrities that their look is always the same, whether it’s the same smokey black look or always the eyeliner, that doesn’t happen with Chapelita. She likes to experiment with different colors and products, but the way she uses them remains the same. Whether it’s eyeshadow or eyeliner, Sabellita always uses them to focus on spreading the product outwards. When you choose a look with shadows, you create a smudged effect on the outer corner of the eye. A sharper effect when cleaning the shade from below and creates a straight line that extends from the lower lash line. When you apply eyeliner, extend the corner outwards and use false lashes with more volume on the outside.

With skin makeup, Chabelita focuses on achieving a glowing finishWith skin makeup, Chabelita focuses on achieving a glowing finish

While Isa Pantoja opts for heavier makeup for her eyes, for her skin she takes a 180º turn and prefers to glow. Chabelita always chooses to make her skin products that add shine and give a juicy finish to the skin, thus achieving the most flattering contrast.

In this way, choose makeup bases with a hydrating and glossy finish Uniform and therefore natural lighting. However, the choice of gloss does not contradict the choice of coverage, which is why commonly used foundations are highly pigmented to achieve a unified face and hide all possible imperfections in it.

Sapelita sculpts her face with a subtle patternSapelita sculpts her face with a subtle pattern

When choosing foundations with high coverage, it is very common to lose the face of the feeling of relief. Since skin naturally has different colors depending on the part of the face, applying a uniform color results in a very unnatural masking effect. To avoid this, it is necessary to use other products that help restore that feeling of relief and give color to the skin.

The way Isa Pantoja reverses that relief is thanks to a product that’s more shades than a makeup base, she sculpts her cheekbones, nose and forehead. Since you tend to choose juicy foundations, you need to choose the best way to combine subsequent products The cream ends Because they fade invisibly.

Sabellita opts for natural lips and makeup with a thin layer of gloss.Sabellita opts for natural lips and makeup with a thin layer of gloss.

Finally, it’s time to apply makeup to the lips, which are the most natural part of makeup. Isa Pantoja is rarely seen creating her lips in bright colors and she likes to enhance her natural color. For this reason, most used lip products in their appearance Lip glosses or even cocoas, which gives a natural glow without the need to add color. Of course, when Sabellita decides to dare lipsticks, she usually chooses nude tones, this way she can continue to show her natural lip color, but on that day she gets a combined tone if her lips are injured.

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