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Sofia Richie opted for simple makeup where she prioritized the look of the skin. We tell you this and her other makeup secrets.

Despite growing up in the Instagram generation, Sofia Richie has always wowed by wearing nature-oriented looks. Hydrated and fresh. The youngest sister of the Ritchie brothers always opts for a casual outfit, she finishes with simple dresses and gives an original touch to her hairstyles that include weird root braids. We explore Sofia Richie’s makeup tricks and see how she achieves her look.

Sofia Richie opts for thin, rounded browsSofia Richie opts for thin, rounded brows

In recent years eyebrows have gained special importance when it comes to makeup, and apart from going towards thicker and fuller brows, they have been created to create a gradient effect, where not even a single hair is missing. However, Sofia Richie deviates from this trend and prefers to choose an eyebrow shape that best matches the shape of her face.

Sofia Richie’s eyes are large and brown, but with small lids and very low brows. If she chooses thick eyebrows, her look will be very unbalanced and unbalanced, so socialites choose some Thin, rounded brows that follow the shape of the brow bone, opting for mild hair removal that doesn’t change much of its natural shape. Of course, to make these appear well-defined, she usually applies subtle make-up to them, thus avoiding areas that are less populated than others.

Ritchie opts for simplicity for the eyesRitchie opts for simplicity for the eyes

Following the simplicity seen when Sofia Richie does her brows, the socialite also maintains this simple aesthetic when it comes to her eye makeup. Opt for simple tricks that will lighten and open up the eye without creating too heavy eye makeup.

Sofia Richie usually does without shadows to create her eyes, and if she does use them, they’re usually earthy tones that help define the eye socket. However, that doesn’t mean she opts for a ‘no makeup’ look as she uses eyeliners and mascara to achieve an effect that opens up the look and brings shine. To create her eye look, she usually lines the upper lash line with a very sleek corner that provides definition and completes the eye look with plenty of mascara to add volume. Also used to see Sofia Richie Eyelash ExtensionsA very convenient way to show eyelashes without wearing makeup every day.

Sofia Richie chose a juicy and hydrating finish for skin makeupSofia Richie chose a juicy and hydrating finish for skin makeup

Once the eye look is done, it’s time to apply makeup to the skin, which is undoubtedly the most striking part of your makeup. Sofia Richie focuses on creating flawless, heavily made-up skin in contrast to the simplicity of her eye makeup.

To create her skin makeup, Richie chooses foundations with high coverage that help create a unified tone around the entire face. The high pigmentation of the foundation allows it to hide all possible imperfections, although the young woman has well-maintained skin, in which she rarely has imperfections. In addition to choosing high coverage foundations, pay special attention to their finish, so always choose foundations with a juicy finish that leaves a hydrated finish on the skin. Thanks to this juicy coating, a new visual effect is created on the skin Helps conceal the thickness of your makeup base.

To frame Richie's face, she chooses an extreme shapeTo frame Richie’s face, she chooses an extreme shape

Sofia Richie’s regular make-up base has a high coverage that removes any sense of relief from the face. If you finish your skin makeup with a makeup base, your skin will look very unnatural and flat. This is precisely why Sofia Richie uses a contouring technique to help restore relief to her skin and enhance her facial lines.

Richie goes with a shade darker than her makeup base, under the cheekbones, along the forehead’s growth line, and around the tip of the nose. This way you can highlight your cheekbones and create a contour around your forehead The small, rounded tip of the nose.

Sofia Richie opts for the 'overlining' technique to create her lipsSofia Richie opts for the ‘overlining’ technique to create her lips

Finally it’s time to apply makeup to the lips, for which the nude tone is the classic socialite makeup look. Since Sofia Richie doesn’t put too much emphasis on makeup looks and prefers to create a neutral look that accentuates her features, nude colors are great for not focusing too much on makeup. Richie chooses nude tones from more brown to more pink, however, she always chooses a more superficial technique for applying lipstick, ie. Line the lips slightly outward.

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