Margot Robbie, Laverne Cox and Melanie Griffith star in this week’s worst beauty looks

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Margot Robbie, Laverne Cox and Melanie Griffith star in this week's worst beauty looks


Last Updated: January 13, 2020


Like every week, the most beautiful and stylish celebs drop the best makeup and hair suggestions, but the worst.

Shapeless hairstyles, pigmented make-up or invisible lipstick are some of the beauty disasters celebrities have been sporting this week. Ranked!

Margot Robbie’s Lifeless Manny

Margot Robbie with shapeless hairMargot Robbie with shapeless hair

Margot Robbie He dazzles in every photocall he poses for. Cameras linger on her and her every perfect feature shines. Her big blue eyes match her prominent cheekbones and her mouth gives the biggest compliment to any lipstick. The actress has revolutionized the world of cinema with her undeniable and angelic beauty. Apart from stunning outfits, the Australian artist is a lover of good beauty looks and is never – or almost never – disappointed by them. Your need? A nice red lipstick with extra hydration and shades in terracotta tones. However, when night calls it, you bet and win Amazing smokey eyes and extra long eyeliner. She is a goddess with lots of style but sometimes this doesn’t save her from beauty mistakes. Reason for ranking? Her shapeless mane 2020 Golden Globes Red Carpet.

At a highly anticipated movie photocall earlier in the year, Margot Robbie stunned with almost straight hair with no shine or movement. Even if your hair looks shiny and hydrated, it’s not Not enough to give shape to the maneGiven the task, especially at a gala like the Golden Globes, the Australian actress might have opted for casual waves or a Messy updo with some hairspray and earrings. The possibilities are endless and you only need a few beauty tips to successfully overcome it. It should be noted that her makeup is excellent and highlights her beauty in the best possible way.

Laverne Cox and Inappropriate Vic

Laverne Cox with a striking wigLaverne Cox with a striking wig

style Laverne Cox It can be considered whimsical, bold and very feminine. She likes to do more wrong, but comes out on top whenever she can with eye-catching earrings and colorful dresses. Is she beautiful? In the same order. A good boyfriend Eyeliner to enhance your cat eyes, the actress is a staunch defender of well-done makeup with neon shades and matching lipsticks. High coverage foundations like Peach Blush are your new must. However, today it ranks among the worst beauty looks of the week and Your wig has a lot to do with it.

Laverne Cox is a natural lover of wigs and uses them whenever possible on the red carpet. They allow you to change your style and connect with yourself Meghan Markle with too much sparkle on her faceMeghan Markle with too much sparkle on her face

Meghan Markle She is one of the most followed royals worldwide. Her iconic look has made her one of the best-dressed duchesses and her style has evolved into more elegant versions over the years. See how you like it all the time, always maintain your personal password. Her beauty look is simple and successful with nude lipsticks and timeless makeup with slightly smoky eyes. However, sometimes she uses make-up and make-up Blending brushes don’t take advantage of their full potential.

On his visit Canada House in LondonMeghan Markle shined in flash and sound The latter avoided excessive powder on the Duchess’s face.. For starters, her foundation wasn’t blended well and she didn’t use concealer under her dark circles. eye line Like glittering shadows it stained his eyes.. A tip to avoid making the same mistakes Markle did is to use a makeup setting spray and let it dry for three minutes. Only then will the line and eye shadow remain Can’t contaminate water lines.

Uma Thurman and bad makeup

Uma Thurman with a messy braidUma Thurman with a messy braid

Although Uma Dharman Despite being a world-admired actress, her art is no exception to occasional beauty blunders. She likes foundations with lots of coverage, nude eyes, but with a little mascara to show off her look. Nude lipsticks are your best allies but a Absolute preference for peachy glosses. when Review Awards 2020Apart from her messy braid, Uma Thurman also screwed up the makeup.

For the event, the actress Pulp Fiction ’ marveled the attendants with a somewhat careless beauty appearance. First, the absence of mattifying powders increases the brightness of the flashes on your face. The Orange-brown shades show the artist’s dark circles and eventually give a poorly blended smoky eye look. Your messy braid isn’t done right and doesn’t give The actress is definitely looking for a carefree aura first.

Melanie Griffith with messy hair in Los Angeles

Melanie Griffith is not cut offMelanie Griffith is not cut off

The most controversial actress is Thirukkural again. Melanie Griffith was the living embodiment of Californian style and life. Their summer appearance is sure to make a comeback This season casual style and its shirt dresses They have a lot to do with this. Melanie Griffith favors full-color makeup, with comfortable dresses featuring animal print standouts. Eye shadows and lipsticks with a light touch of shimmer. Even so, the actress doesn’t always get it right on the red carpet, as you can at her latest appearance Note some unfortunate bugs.

Melanie Griffith wore an eye-catching hairstyle with very little taste. before him A beauty tip for wearing a quick bun or high ponytail With some hairspray, the actress chose to leave her hair out and be a part of this week’s rankings. Also, she doesn’t wear makeup, which makes her look worse. A little trick is to use one A few shades of BB cream or a beanie hat in a flattering color.

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