Maxima Holland, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham crowned worst beauty looks of the week

Mackenzie Davis and Katie Holmes take the stage to review the worst beauty looks of the week.

October is a month of celebrations and promotions. That is seven days They go far And, just like there were celebrities who shone on the red carpet With their perfect makeupOthers have also drawn attention, But worse. Eye shadow, impossible eyeliner, mismatched shade of lipstick… General Section ? Too much, it is Not a good friend in general No beauty program.

The spice girl retired

They mentioned her The fancy Spice Girl of the group, for his wardrobe and his approach to attention. The only one available Be stylish A blazer with oversized shoulder straps over a sequin top and denim miniskirt, with some Nike sneakers. Women can be any one of the five members of the group An important person In the world of fashion and beauty, Victoria Beckham appeared as the leading candidate in all polls and surveys. And He has achieved it. The former singer, now a combined fashion designer and businessman, managed to build A unique luxury brand and differentiated. Celebrating ten years in fashion, the brand has established itself with a strong identity and great energy A potential empire.

Victoria Beckham with dirty and very disheveled hairVictoria Beckham with dirty and very disheveled hair

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a charity event, posing for a fashion editorial or accompanying your husband to a sporting event. Don’t succumb to styles By Victoria Beckham. The latest proof of this Her travel vision at the airport From New York JFK. A comfortable combination of comfort and sophistication. It seems that her beauty is not connected with looks Careless and uncaring. Messy hair and the big horn-rimmed glasses that gave him off A bohemian and intellectual air. However, we should not forget that there are simple tricks that can help Hide dirty hair Real or greasy. Dirty hair = high ponytail. The first solution is to tie your hair in a low and high ponytail Very convenient and fast.

Katie Holmes, who?

At forty years old, Katie Holmes continues her reign in the fashion and beauty industry. with basic parts That we enter any store and dressing room. Additionally, the fact that Your natural beauty and unique style It will always play in your favor. Its bohemian and vintage airHer improbable combinations, her long hair and her obviously very well-groomed appearance Has been charming for years For public comment.

Katie Holmes goes unnoticed and doesn't even look like herselfKatie Holmes goes unnoticed and doesn’t even look like herself

It’s official: Summer is over, or rather, it is. Summer. The summer heat is over and it’s time to get rid of it all Half time collection From the shelf. Also, she is one of the most popular actresses in the world International Celluloid, has become a trendsetter. It’s your last choice for getting around the Big Apple Special journal holder With the sweater selling out in record time. However, on this occasion the Famous Relationship – Perfection falls under its own weight. This happens because we are not very used to seeing her wearing the best dresses on red carpets and presentations around the world. However, this dichotomy It seems to have slipped We dare to classify it as slip beauty, Going out without combing your hair. All that glitters is not gold.

A queen and an excess of makeup foundation

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands meets India's patron saint with an extravagant base of makeupQueen Maxima of the Netherlands meets India’s patron saint with an extravagant base of makeup

William was appointed King of the Netherlands Renovation and a breath of fresh air for the Dutch Royal House. Maxima Zorreguieta’s public appearance, An elegant and elegant woman of Argentinian origin As wife, she represented Before and after an old throne And with tradition. Her style, elegant yet informal, made us all fall in love from the start. And the thing is, Maxima de Hollande’s styling is a clear example Your personality : Cheerful, fun and elegant. The right combinationGot applause from everyone.

The Queen of Holland is her strongest and stand out Passionate about fashion. It was this love and passion for the field that made him want to learn firsthand about the ‘Small Miracles’ project. A Dutch foundation Created to lift almost a million people out of poverty Thanks for the bye and stitch and design. Dressed in an elegant blue dress, he visited the facilities and some of the workers working on patterns, designs, colored threads and sewing machines. That’s a staggering collection Its beauty does not go unnoticed for its appearance. After applying the makeup base, it is normal to feel that we have applied it An overdose. Like the Queen of Holland, a cape covering her face It’s thicker than that And the finish is less natural and flattering. ¿ Beauty advice ? You should lightly moisten a sponge Do up and down movementsContributes to carrying excess area.

Hair cut without waves and water

from Irritation on celluloid Scarlett Johansson has been on the rise for years, starting with her role in the acclaimed film ‘The Man Who Whispered in Horses’ alongside the great Robert Redford. Turns into a white swan And one of the most actresses The skillful and beautiful of the seventh art. Her image consultants have honed her personal style, which is noticeable every time she steps on a red carpet or even when she’s modeling. Large international companies and monopolizing the headlines of the press and community dailies. He likes to play with his attributes. Equal parts seductive and provocativeIt has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication that has broken the silken cocoon and transformed into a skilled butterfly that takes flight. For more than a decade.

A flat, wavy maneA flat, wavy mane

Los Angeles saw the premiere of ‘Jojo Rabbit’, the next Netflix premiere featuring the actress. He plays a superhero What a fight Against Nazi Germany. The red carpet saw one of the season’s trends: Waves in water. A hairstyle has us hypnotized, but if you don’t want to end up with the result you need some tips. Just as bad as Scarlett. To create water waves, you only need tools that allow you to style your hair comfortably: Curling irons, irons or curlers. Any of these options will give you an amazing result. Fits thread to thread With a curling iron or iron to create your waves. Once you get the waves you want, Available in a hairspray bottle So your hairstyle will last longer and voilà perfectly.

Eye-liner has never been so hard

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ again, Focused again To Mackenzie Davis who won us over with the ‘San Junipero’ episode of ‘Black Mirror’. However, The actress is more than thatAnd she’s going to be Hollywood’s new It Girl. Her short hair and messy style Air of the eighties won over international critics and made the actress one of the most loved faces This time with more cache.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’, James Cameron’s new film It marks the introduction of a new generation of youth Villains and Heroes led by actress Mackenzie Davis, a Canadian talent who started her career in the acting world six years ago. with minor supporting roles A location is now created One of the most important figures in the seventh art. During the presentation of her new film project, the actress posed in front of photographers with her beauty scheme No one was left indifferent. Getting the perfect eyeliner on the eyelids is not an easy task.

Applying makeup isn't easy, but putting on bad makeup isn't easy either.Applying makeup isn’t easy, but putting on bad makeup isn’t easy either.

In fact, there are templates on the market to outline your eyes perfectly. From faintness due to poor pulseDifficulties when applying the product, sometimes A bad obstacle to achieving results Correct. The actress seems to be immersed in an impossible task. Far from drawing the line with impeccable precision In your blink of an eye, you’ve reached an indescribably dramatic conclusion. Applying makeup can be challenging not only for dummies but also for beginners in the world of makeup, as in this case, Sometimes it can be terrifying.

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