Máxima of Holland, Meghan Markle and Queen Letizia make the best beauty looks of the week

The ladies of the moment are back stronger than ever this week and are filling events with glamor and style.

The global coronavirus crisis is causing concerts, parades, premieres, etc. to be canceled or at least postponed for a few weeks. This is why recently celebrities have been missing a bit more than usual following health advice to avoid infection. However, with all the security and precautions, there is one sector that remains very active, the royal family.

Nicky Hilton’s most casual beauty look

Nicky Hilton's casual beauty lookNicky Hilton’s casual beauty look

In a week, regulars of this type of reviews could not be found, who are constantly surprised with the incredible beauty that appears. But before we analyze the European royal family, we must highlight Nicky Hilton.

The billionaire knows how to hit it off on the red carpet, but this time she’s done it on the street, with a casual look that’s perfect for going out to work, consisting of jeans and a multi-colored cardigan. A style like this deserves no other beauty look than a washed-out effect A very sensible lipstick Nude and lightweight mascara. Hilton didn’t need anything else to win, but she styled her hair with perfect light waves and volume to give it an extra point to reach the top.

Meghan Markle bids a triumphant farewell

Meghan Markle and her emerald green headpieceMeghan Markle and her emerald green headpiece

Now the center of attention shifts to the royal family. Winning a place among the top beauties Meghan Markle. If last week’s review of the best beauty looks mentioned that the Duchess of Sussex’s return to the United Kingdom left behind some scandalous looks, her last event before returning to Canada was going to be no less. During the Commonwealth Anniversary celebrations at Westminster Abbey, the Duchess opted for an emerald green dress that once again made her one of the best dressed.

He Beret style headdress It’s a clear hit with the bow detail that makes your look even more unique. Makeup is subtle so it doesn’t overload or saturate the overall image. Following this balance, one chooses popularity Nude tone For lips that blend perfectly with the natural color of the base. For blush, she chose a dark peach range that suits her wonderfully and is favored by the strong nude of the matte effect lipstick. As a final accessory, the Duchess wore clip-on earrings, which add elegance and sophistication.

Queen Letizia and her magnificent pearl necklace

Pearls everywhere in Queen Letizia's lookPearls everywhere in Queen Letizia’s look

The Queen Letizia No one was left indifferent during the trip to Paris. Mannan, once again, proves her taste for fashion and hers Attribute style They attend every event he attends. The Queen of Spain attends an official event in the French capital with her husband, King Philip, in impeccable beauty, choosing pearls as a key accessory.

A casual low updo flatters the Queen’s face and flatters her every feature. It is within the usual range of makeups that she has created before Natural finish It improves your vision. For this, Royal chooses a dark earth tone that helps add depth by applying to the mobile eyelid and gradually blending the product. On top of this, Rani adds a powerful mascara that achieves the desired butterfly finish and allows light to penetrate her hazel eyes. Undoubtedly, these beauties are the protagonists of the look partsA pearl necklace of different sizes and some small earrings are adorned with this stone.

Maxima of the Netherlands looks like a divine Pamela

The Queen of Holland wears a magnificent headpieceThe Queen of Holland wears a magnificent headpiece

And pearls and tiaras seem to have been the stars of the royal family’s looks this week. The Queen of the Netherlands does not hesitate to wear a green hat during her official visits. Thailand. Beneath this striking accessory, the monarch chose to gather her hair in a low, sloppy bun, which lends sophistication and flatters the look.

In terms of make-up, even opting for natural finishes, Rani offers a certain color Creamy pink lipstick It brightens the face. to Highlight the cheekbones She has applied a peach blush which creates symmetry between her features and gives her a youthful touch. Her look is also attention-grabbing as it is lined on both sides to accentuate the eyes, a recurring beauty trend of winter. Finally, like Queen Letizia, Máxima of Holland chooses stunning pearl jewelry for the occasion. First, a choker, in this case, the same amount of pearls and, in addition, Some dangling earrings It is added Rhinestones As a union between two pearls.

Karlie Kloss is always radiant

Karlie Kloss' relaxed lookKarlie Kloss’ relaxed look

There are women who give up A halo of light It is inherent in his person. Heidi Klum is one of them, her face is a glow Energy and vitality Significant. Additionally, the model has exquisite taste when it comes to styling and beauty. She knows very well how to enhance her features and maintain her essence through the designs she wears.

On this occasion, the girl has chosen a relaxed beauty to attend various gatherings NY. The model has created a foundation with a combination of soft and light tones. She highlighted her cheekbones with a champagne highlighter that, during the day, could be confused with her natural complexion. She outlines her eyebrows with a fixative, which shapes her look and provides a Play something more aggressive It breaks the sweetness of his features. The small hoop earrings she chooses as an accessory perfectly coordinate with the rest of the look and give it that edge. The spark of youth Something more ordinary.

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