Megan Jayne Crabbe, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa Show Off This Week’s Worst Beauty Looks

As is well known, too much of everything is bad and these five celebs proved it first hand by wearing the worst beauty looks of the week.

All this week these five celebs wowed with their beauty looks, Not good though. Their professional stylists seem to have disappeared, and the result is devastating.

Meghan Jane abuses the color pink

Vibrant effect failedVibrant effect failed

The blogger has shown on thousands of occasions that she is a faithful lover of bright and colorful makeup, and she made it clear again during the Gala. 2020 Brit Awards in London. Megan Jayne Crabb, best known as a ‘body positive’ advocate, wears the beauty look that comes with pink as the main heroine, although the makeup and outfit set her image off badly. If you use too much products like foundation or bronzer, The result of your dream makeup can be disastrous In the case of an influencer.

Vibrant effect It makes the eyes the main center of attention, using a series of colorful colors and modern designs to make applying makeup more fun. Therefore, Crabbe sought this trend, although it was not as expected. It can be said that you are using the wrong amount of foundation, which will make your face look heavy, just like if you applied too much orange sun powder. The eyeliner and lashes were a hit, though the neon pink tone was too much on the eyelids and lips.

Bella Hadid’s Worst Hairstyle

Pickup failedBella Hadid’s upgrade failed

The rush between shows at Milan Fashion Week 2020 seems to have taken its toll on the American supermodel. In this case, you could say that the youngest of the Hadith sisters has seen One of her worst beauty looks. As is well known, buns can become that kind of life-saving upgrade that can help you in any problem. Also, many celebrities resort to this type of hairstyle for their red carpet dates, crowning themselves more elegant and attractive.

However, the model was not so lucky. This time, Hadid stunned with a carefree hairstyle in a bun, although she left her hair loose at the back. Also, he has sought An XXL size pliers with tortoiseshell print No flattery. Undoubtedly, her look is completely different from the sophisticated figure she usually shows and there are thousands of easy hairstyles that you can do in less than five minutes.

Dua Lipa with a very attentive look

A bitter lookDua Lipa’s bitter appearance

This week’s most popular English singer also joins the list for her worst beauty looks she’s gone for this week. Celebrities, like any other person, cannot look perfect twenty-four hours a day. At this time, the early morning or the cold of New York City did not give the model that amazing figure with which she won all her fans, not to mention her great talent.

Therefore, Dua Lipa provides Face defined by dark circles, due to restlessness, you can always cover up if you get the right concealer like a green concealer to help cover redness or pimples. And, like Bella Hadid, it can be said that the singer did not have enough time to create a neat hairstyle, so she preferred to leave her hair uncombed and hide it. A classic salvaged hat Helped everyone at some point.

Chrissy Teigen’s Failed Don

Artificial tanningChrissy Deegan’s Fake Tan

You’ve heard the adage that too much of everything is bad. So, many celebrities have started saying goodbye Too much makeup And choose faces that don’t even have a drop of product. However, Chrissy Teigen seems to be resisting as she proved during her last appearance in Los Angeles.

The American model used both a high-coverage makeup base and sun powder all over her face The orange effect This is certainly not what the television company expected. Also, it has become translucent powders Must have Cover the base to ensure that no shine appears Zone D The truth is very different but it can make your face shine with oil. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Deegan’s beauty look. One of the best enhancements is the hairstyle worn by the model in course.

Margaret Qualley exits the current

Not a drop of makeupNot a drop of makeup

The American actress and model has made this week’s worst beauty list for wearing inappropriate looks. Red Carpet Berlinale 2020, in Germany. Gwali has opted for a relaxed make-up, without that touch of standing out at an event like this. While it’s true that there are celebrities who wear makeup, there are other celebrities too. It doesn’t make them shine.

The actor opted for a basic hairstyle like any other star hitting the gym. You might say that a low, slightly disheveled ponytail isn’t great for the red carpet. Also, her face isn’t dazzled with glitter, shadows or lipsticks that other celebs don’t part with. It’s true that Margaret Qualley’s beauty needs no filters. It’s a bad beauty look.

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