Mistakes in feeding cats

It is very important that your cat has the right diet to keep her healthy.

Cats are one of those pets that end up being one of people’s best friends and that’s because They are unique because they always accompany you and are loyal from the moment you introduce them to your family.. The important thing is that whenever you take care of a cat or any other animal, it is clear to you that it should not be a whim, but a responsibility, because it is a living creature that feels and suffers.

For this reason, we have to take into account inattentions that most people go unnoticed when caring for cats, such as feeding. Next, we will learn about the most common mistakes we make when feeding these animals. :

Overweight in cats

One of the first things we miss is that the cat is a pet that is prone to gaining weight in a short time, that is, quickly. In this regard, it is necessary to keep in mind that the health of these animals is more dangerous than the health of those that are not overweight, since they have fewer years to live due to diseases that excess weight can cause. To prevent this from happening and to ensure that our pet is in good physical shape. It is important to tailor the diet to your nutritional needs.

Cats are very prone to weight gainCats are very prone to weight gain

The solution to this problem is to offer him the necessary nutrients, but never in excess of the appropriate amounts. Another option is to give mineral and vitamin supplements. You can purchase this type of cat food in specialized pet stores, both physical and online. If we see that this is not working, something else we can do is put the animal on a diet so that it returns to the correct weight and is in good health.

Some the misfortunes that such poor management can cause in your pet’s dietWhat leads to excess weight are problems such as: diabetes, hypertension or arthritis. In addition, kidney disease or other cardiovascular problems may appear. Remember that animal health is not a reason for gambling.

Sport is a key factor related to nutrition

Many people think that cats don’t need to blow off steam like other animals like dogs, but this is completely false. Cats tend to eat compulsively when they have no one to run with, play with, jump with… For this reason, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with the animal and establish a strong emotional connection. A sedentary lifestyle can cause many problems in these animals, such as damage, injury, or disease.

You must create a bond with the animal so that it can blow off steam with you.You must create a bond with the animal so that it can blow off steam with you.

And when we talk about these animals, we don’t mean blow off some steam by jumping in the park, but rather… You just need to buy him toys to keep him distracted.. For example, you can throw things at him from the stairs so that he goes up and down to catch them, you can use balls of wool to make him run after them…

Not going to a specialist is a very common mistake.

There are probably people who have never taken their cat to a veterinarian or cat care specialist. This is a big inconvenience because no one better than this professional will give you good recommendations and instructions that you need to follow to properly feed your cat.

This person will be responsible for providing a diet tailored to your animal’s needs as not all cats require the same food, each one is different. For this reason, You must understand that your pet requires a healthy and balanced diet consisting of fresh, moist meat. which you can buy at any pet store or prepare yourself at home.

You should offer your cat a healthy and balanced diet.You should offer your cat a healthy and balanced diet.

Useful and harmful foods for your health

By visiting a veterinarian, in addition to the benefits discussed in the previous point, you will also be able to gain very interesting and necessary information about which foods should be given to your cat and which ones should be avoided.

The problem is that There is still a lot of ignorance regarding which foods are bad for your health.. For example, foods that cause metabolic stress, such as croquettes, which are very harmful to your health. As well as any processed foods, no matter whether they are dry or wet; foods containing potatoes, grains or foods high in starch. Salt, oil, spices; even chocolatewhich can lead to blindness in the animal and contains theobromine, a substance that the cat’s body cannot digest and can lead to poisoning, causing increased heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea and even coma.

Some foods suitable for these animals to eat are fresh (raw or lightly cooked). Always accompanied by plenty of water or broth for good hydration.. We also mean whole foods, unprocessed, non-GMO, organic and in their natural form. And thanks to these foods, the body can absorb them better because they are biologically acceptable.

It is very important that your animal never gets enough water.It is very important that your animal never gets enough water.

Water is vital

Water is necessary not only for people, but also for cats. constitutes 60 to 70% of an adult cat’s body weight.. For this reason, if your animal has a serious water deficiency, it will have serious consequences that can lead to serious illness and even death.

You need to make sure he drinks water, so A bowl of fresh water can be placed in the area of ​​the house where he spends the most time.. Also remember that wet food can meet the needs of these animals, but it should never replace a good water bowl. A trick that may come in handy for you: Crush a couple of stalks of fresh catnip and put them in a container of water, you will see how good it is for you and your desire to drink will increase.

Excessive Reward: A Serious Mistake

The main mistake that many people make is to reward their pet with food that they get used to and there is no turning back. Whether treats are healthy or junk food, they should never exceed 15% of your cat’s daily food intake. Most importantly, remember that these prizes can never replace healthy eating. For example, we may occasionally give canned fish such as sardines or tuna in small quantities because they are too fatty for them.

Excessive rewards should not be givenExcessive rewards should not be given

If you overfeed him and fill him with treats, you will make him overweight, not to mention nutritionally deficient. One option would be to provide healthy snacks as rewards., which can be found without problems in any specialized pet store. The reason is that if these snacks are of good quality, they will not contain added sugar, highly allergenic ingredients, unnecessary fillers or grains, or processed animal by-products.

We’re not giving him the right food.

A neutered cat cannot eat the same food as before going through this process because the intervention causes changes in the animal’s hormones. This will cause you to become hungrier and exercise less.

On this occasion, It is important to consider the cat’s size, breed, and age.. And there are different foods for young, adult or elderly pets because each of them meets the needs of the animal depending on the stage of life it is at.

If your cat is neutered, you will not be able to give her normal food.If your cat is neutered, you cannot give her food.


Other common mistakes when feeding cats

  • Leave a plate of food out all day until they eat it. : This is a very common mistake. Ideally, food should only be in the bowl while your pet is feeding; it should not always be full.
  • Buffet service throughout the day : Bad. It is correct that food is divided into 3 or 4 servings throughout the day. On the contrary, they will become compulsive eaters.
  • Give a lot of food : This is a very common mistake. If you see that your cat is very hungry, you might consider soaking the food in water for a while before giving it, so that the food will absorb the water and make your cat more satisfied. Plus, you’ll help keep him hydrated.
  • If you have several cats, feed them together. : They need to be fed separately because some pets may eat faster than others and may affect others and speed up their meal times throughout the day. You can place eateries in different areas of the house, which can also help you find out what each cat has eaten and see if any have lost their appetite.
  • I offer raw fish : Indeed, this food contains a lot of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, but it also contains the enzyme thiaminase, which destroys vitamin B1, so the fish must always be pre-cooked.
  • Provide an exclusively vegetarian diet : A serious mistake because most of the nutrients felines need come from non-plant animal foods. For example, vitamin A, essential for good eye health, skin health and healthy growth, is obtained from animal proteins.

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