Mixed Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

These are dogs that have no pedigree and there are more and more rumors about them, because they are not as valued as pets.

Unfortunately, Mixed dogs are much less valued as pets than purebred dogs., this is mainly due to people’s fear of not knowing the character and temperament of these animals. However, this is an unfounded fear because, as we will see, while genetics play a big role in your pet’s behavior, it is the environment that will most determine what his personality will be like.

Mixed dogs, like any other purebred pet, make excellent companions and friends, many argue that they are even better pets than purebred dogs because The bond between animals and humans is stronger because these animals were in difficult conditions.

In today’s article we will talk about this type of dog and its advantages over purebred dogs. We strongly encourage you to adopt them and give them a home as they need you much more than a purebred animal might need you.

These dogs create a stronger bond with their owner.These dogs create a stronger bond with their owner.

The influence of genetics and environment on mixed breed dogs

Sometimes people are reluctant to adopt a mixed breed dog because they are afraid of not knowing how they will behave, whether they come from a “dangerous breed,” or whether they have internal injuries that will make them difficult to train or socialize. However, although genes determine a large part of a dog’s personality, That’s not allespecially if we purchased a mixed breed animal as a puppy.

  • Genes : Puppies will most likely inherit a temperament similar to or a mixture of their parents. Purebred dogs have behaviors, attitudes, and personalities that are easier to predict.However, this does not happen in a mixed breed dog, especially if its parents are also mixed breeds or if its breed is unknown.
  • Environment : Character is greatly influenced by the environment in which the puppy is raised. When they are raised in a supportive environment, they are almost certain to have a good temperament in a family environment.The problem arises when mixed breed dogs are the result of an unwanted pregnancy and their owners neglect to raise these dogs or treat them poorly, this can lead to the development of behavioral problems, especially those related to anxiety.
The environment will have a much greater influence on the personality of these dogs.The environment will have a much greater influence on the personality of these dogs.

Temperament testing for mixed breed dogs

Since a dog’s temperament is what most concerns people who are considering getting a mixed breed, it’s good that you know that there are temperament tests you can run on them. Some shelters and kennels routinely perform such tests.so you can ask it, if the answer is no, you can do it yourself by focusing on the most important aspects that are part of your life, for example, if you have children, you can take them and see how the animal behaves with them , but there are many of them. There are other things you can do, like the Campbell test.

Benefits of owning a mixed breed dog

The reasons why getting a mixed breed dog is so important are endless. Buying a purebred dog is not only questionable because of what breeding it meant, but you won’t be doing anything positive for the animals if that’s what you want, because The dogs most in need of help are those in kennels and shelters. and that, as a rule, they are mestizos.

Besides, Many dog ​​handlers claim that the best “breed” is a mestizo., for the simple reason that it was nature that determined its conditions. Unlike purebred dogs, mixed breeds carry the genetic burden of natural selection, which means that they are biologically more adapted, that is, they will live longer.

These are dogs that live longer than purebred dogs.These are dogs that live longer than purebred dogs.

Usually breeders throw these dog breeds away, which means that they had to deal with unfavorable situations: living on the streets from an early age, looking for food and shelter on their own, etc. a dog breed that is easier to care for and requires less attention. If for some reason you have to leave the house for a few hours, it is more likely that a mixed breed dog will not destroy anything in your home and will control its urges to the toilet better than a purebred dog.

As we said earlier, these dogs live much longer than purebreds, if on average these pets can live up to 12 years. Mixed breed dogs can live 15 or even 17 years in a healthy state.In other words, purebred dogs, being genetically modified, are more likely to develop diseases or have their last years of life be quite severe and difficult, which is not usually the case with mixed breeds since they require fewer doctor visits. veterinarian and became healthier and stronger.

The nobility of a mixed-breed dog, its best qualities.

Without a doubt, mixed breed dogs, especially those who lived on the streets are most grateful to you and your family. These dogs are willing to give their life for you, and unlike purebred dogs, who are trained to exercise their protective instincts, mixed breeds do this intuitively.

These are dogs that have always been isolated.These are dogs that have always been isolated.

From the moment these dogs were born they were defenseless, abandoned and excluded by man, when these pets see a man for the first time taking care of them, giving them love, attention and everything they need to survive, even while at home, they are meek. and calmly, If they sense any danger to their owner or any family member, they will be the first to protect you from a possible aggressor..

Besides all these benefits, remember that due to your genetic makeup, your dog will be uniqueWhile purebred dogs are distinguishable and all share similar traits, mixed breeds are not and are completely unique in both appearance and personality. If you are ready to accept it, take your time and be patient, remember that at first they may be afraid, but over time this fear will disappear and they will let you know how important you are in their life.

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