My canary doesn’t sing, what happened?

Having these animals as pets comes with a certain amount of responsibility and a number of daily chores.

There are many people who every morning they enjoy the song of their canary. And the joy of this animal fills any space with light. Perhaps this is why more and more people are deciding to keep one as a pet. Except, Her beauty This is another feature of this bird that does not go unnoticed by anyone.

But if there is something that has become personality stamp The peculiarity of this animal is its ability to sing, which it usually does every day. That is why those who have this pet begin to stop listening to him, worry and wonder if he is sick or if his life is in some danger. Therefore, first of all, it will be important to know what are the most common reasons why this animal may stop singing.

Gender of the canary

Many people don’t know this, but nowadays almost one hundred percent of female canaries do not sing. And if they do, they usually do not do it very loudly and are not willing to listen to what is happening to the males. Therefore, this aspect will have to be taken into account when choosing the sex of the pet and if, being a male, he does not sing, check whether the store where he was purchased actually had accurately determined the sex of the animal since there is very often confusion regarding its identification.

If you want your bird to sing, it is important to choose a male.If you want your bird to sing, it is important to choose a male.

Canary personality

Sometimes there is no clear reason for this fact. You just have to understand that not all canaries are the same and do not have the same personality or character. There may be times when they are happier and other times when they don’t feel like singing as much. In any case, it is important to always check whether this is a real or serious problem.

Cage change

As can happen to anyone, the reason that this pet stopped singing could be a change in habitat or cage. In fact, they may become sad or depressed to the point that they do not do so for a period of time. The same will happen if the owners do not take proper care of them and they do not have enough food and drink. In short, the canary who has all the worries and attention from its owner will have no apparent reason to be sad and therefore stop singing.

Age of the canary

In this case, they are simply newborn or young canaries that have not yet learned to sing as easily as their older counterparts. However, Nowadays there are tricks to get them to do this as quickly as possible.. Despite this, we must remember that every animal is a whole world and needs its own time.

It is important to give him time to adapt to his new environment.It is important to give him time to adapt to his new environment.

Feather molt

Every bird must go through this phase during which it changes its feathers and as a result of this, in the case of canaries, they may stop singing for a long period of time. This process usually occurs in the summer season, although not necessarily. The consequences of this are usually weight loss, feeling less secure, stress, etc. Factors that ultimately lead to loss of singing.

Possible diseases of canaries

Health problems can be another reason why a canary stops singing. Whether due to poor nutrition, temperature, or even infection with some virus or bacteria causing damage, the animal may decide not to produce its happy and typical tunes. Yes It’ll be a matter of time before they always do it again and when measures will be taken to recover the pet.

How to care for them during plumage change?

As mentioned earlier, canaries are pets that require a certain amount of attention and affection every day. However, while they are losing their feathers, they need their owners to be on top of them as much as possible as they are going through a difficult period in their lives. So some advice that anyone should continue to reach this point are:

You need to give him the love he deservesYou need to give him the love he deserves
  • Gentle feeding: During this time, they should eat more nutritious and eventually special foods.
  • Vitamins: The Canary Islands are in a delicate process and therefore it would be advisable for them to use certain supplements of this type to deal with it in the best possible way.
  • Make their life more enjoyable: Their stress most often occurs during molting. Therefore, we must avoid changing their space and make them feel as comfortable and accompanied as possible.

Finally, it can be said that having a canary as a pet will be very rewarding, but at the same time it will require certain responsibilities. In case of apparently not finding the reasons why they stopped singing It is recommended to contact a specialist who can conduct a more comprehensive analysis and establish the reasons for this fact.

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