Nicole Richie, Amal Clooney, and Gigi Hadid Show Off This Week’s Worst Beauty Looks

Too much blush, foundations with lots of coverage, and even eyeshadow in its most dramatic version: these mistakes and more in this week’s beauty rankings.

Amal Clooney’s lifeless face, Gigi Hadid’s tired face with visible dark circles, Nicole Richie’s matted curls and weird makeup Ava Max and Dolly Parton. Celebs have starred in beauty disasters this week and deserve to be analyzed in style. With all that, Their talent absolves them of all responsibility.

Amal Clooney and her beauty are wrong

Amal Clooney with minimal makeup and carefree wavesAmal Clooney with minimal makeup and carefree waves

Amal Clooney She is a respected woman in the world of international law. A successful lawyer Julian Assange And Yulia Tymoshenko, became known throughout the media industry after her marriage to George Clooney, and since then her looks have been featured in all the fashion magazines. Her beauty looks match her intelligence and she loves foundations with good coverage and foundations A well marked figure. However, even gods can make mistakes and Amal Clooney saw it Little makeup and lots of dark circles On the way to work this week.

The reason Amal Clooney has the worst beauty look of the week is because of no makeup. The lawyer wears a Tired face and lack of light And with a few minor changes the problem would have been solved. Even so, Vakil didn’t hesitate to lightly define her brows and cheekbones, but without a good base the effect can be disastrous. Also, his hair has no shape or definition Clooney’s long hair is no justice. Nothing a few light waves and some hairspray won’t solve. Or in a quick version, a loaf of bread and XXL sunglasses. A shame!

Nicole Richie and her unfortunate waves

Nicole Richie with matted curls and sunglassesNicole Richie with matted curls and sunglasses

Although Nicole Richie While she doesn’t usually partake in the world of television very often, the actress was once a personality on the small and big screen. TV Series’ Simple life Together with Paris Hilton, they catapulted her to absolute stardom, and her taste in fashion defined her as one. Most of the fancy fashionistas in America. Now Nicole Richie’s style has evolved towards her A more mature version And their beauty look is no longer pink and bright. Now she always wears killer curls and her makeup is sleek but very simple during the day. Unfortunately, Richie was spotted with a Partially immortal hair While hiking with his daughter Angels.

Although curls are the new thing, you need to know how to treat them. Of course, a mane with ringlets requires a lot of work and hydration and if proper instructions are not followed, The outcome can be unfortunate. Due to the lack of time for Nicole Richie, she chose to wear her hair loose and matted. Due to lack of care A bun is always the best option. Her face looks bright but a bit of color would have been perfect. Tips? Light touches of peach blush on the cheeks with a slight shimmer to match. ¡ Eyebrows should always be outlined !

Gigi Hadid’s tired face

Gigi Hadid without makeup and bun in New YorkGigi Hadid without makeup and bun in New York

Catwalks, shoots and red carpets: Life of Supermodels It can be very stressful. Gigi Hadid She is an all-round girl and her constant collaborations in the world of fashion make her wearable The frantic pace of life. Although her style is always cute and youthful, the artist often wears a trousers Let its beauty do the rest. However, sometimes this is not enough and even celebrities need a helping hand Little makeup To be healthy and beautiful.

During a day of shopping in New York, Gigi Hadid went for a walk wearing a Reebok tracksuit from her own collection. The model looked tired, and another rooster crowed as he lightly touched the peach plant. His cheeks are flushed with cold Irregular eyebrows They look somewhat confused. His face is shining And the flashes make them more obvious. All of this could have been solved with some foundation and mattifying powder to cover the skin. Since Gigi Hadid didn’t have time to wash her hair that day, the bun was a good choice.

AVA MAX Sin with eyeliner

Ava Max Extreme Makeup and Double EyelinerAva Max Extreme Makeup and Double Eyeliner

Singer Avamax He travels through Spain. After attending the 2019 MTV EMA Awards in Seville with a slightly unfortunate look, the artist recently visited ‘ Ant canker With Pablo Alboran. Between laughs and tortillas, the singer ‘ Sweet but a psycho “She wore a long black dress with a knee-length green blouse. It was green and had incredibly puffy shoulders. Strange – just like her – was her makeup and the artist didn’t bring out her beauty. A set of errors to be analyzed. Eyeliner, shadows and even lipstick: not like that !

Avamax She opted for a heavy coverage foundation during her visit to the show. Her cheeks looked healthy thanks to the peach blush, so far the beauty look was completely natural. However, the artist He went overboard when he painted his eyes. Silver shades Full eyelid And they don’t fade, which is why they develop brown Scary mask effect Women hate it so much. As if that wasn’t enough, I lined her eyes with a very thick double eyeliner with a pointed finish. Her orange lipstick No hydration That’s why her lips are visible Cake and without any shine.

Dolly Parton ranks again

Dolly Parton with asymmetrical hair and excessive makeupDolly Parton with asymmetrical hair and excessive makeup

The A highly awarded folk singer Screwed again. Dolly Parton was – and continues to be – the living embodiment of it Southern style and life. Her country look confirms that cowboy style is making a comeback this season and her angelic voice is a part of it. History of music of America. Basically with a country style Leather boots and matching jacketsDolly Parton loves full-color makeup, glowing with eye-catching eyeshadows and lipsticks. Even so, the singer doesn’t always get it right on the red carpet, as you can see during her latest appearance Some unfortunate bugs.

During the red carpet We are a family foundation, Dolly Parton sported somewhat immortal hair. Although fashion is always based on the past, seventies hairstyle is an exception. with An overdoseThe singer wears a Asymmetrical and step hair No praise at all. Her makeup? Continue in the same line, with a Blue shade around the eye All harmony is absent. He Too much mascara It tends to create globs and that’s what happened to the singer. Well-shaped eyebrows will complement her face and pink blush will be more.

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