Nivea joins the fight against Covid-19 by making a disinfectant gel

New companies come together to control the coronavirus by making disinfectant gel that is destined for different health centers.

The relentless progression of the coronavirus has overwhelmed healthcare. More and more cases appear every day and medical supplies are not enough. Faced with this situation, many companies like the fashion brand Zara, the pharmaceutical company Cantabria Labs or the cosmetic brand L’Oreal want to contribute. Any help is appreciated at this time.

This week other companies wanted to join the fray, the last of them Cody Inc, Nivea And VMV Cosmetics Group. The three major cosmetic powers have made available in their factories the needed and necessary hydroalcoholic gel for production, a disinfectant product that is a very important factor in controlling this epidemic.

Nivea against covid19

Generally, giant companies around the world vouch heavily for these alarm, perfume and beauty brands. One of the Spanish companies that signed up without hesitation was the aforementioned Nivea. The Beiersdorf Manufacturing Tres Cantos factory in Spain makes the characteristic moisturizing cream house available for sanitary gel development. Facilitates distribution from different hospitals.

But for most brands, helping is not an act of solidarity, but a social responsibility. “In these difficult times, Beiersdorf Manufacturing Tres Cantos aims to provide the best support to Spanish emergency healthcare to address the public health situation. In line with our company’s values ​​regarding care, our full cooperation offer has been officially changed. Starting yesterday Spanish Ministry of Health ” says the national brand.

This way, Nivea Making available its technical, financial and human resources to improve the progress of CoVid19 as much as possible. with the prescribed formula World Health Organization (WHO) introduces the Tres Cantos plant located in Madrid for the production of hydroalcoholic gel, one of the most useful and scarce materials of this era.

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