Pale tones fill the new Huda Beauty palettes

Undoubtedly, this is proven by Huda Beauty’s recent obsession with pale tones and the launch of its new palette.

Undoubtedly, the new collection of eyeshadow palettes by Huda Kattan, who is known worldwide as the creator of her eponymous makeup brand called Huda Beauty, has created a real buzz among the make-up lovers. A businessman of Iraqi descent gives Welcome to spring With the introduction of its new products that have surely awakened your desire for the hot and good weather that starts showing these impressive colors that add a different touch to your look.

This is the 'Pastel Obsessions' collectionThis is the ‘Pastel Obsessions’ collection

It is important to mention that their make-up is done to completely hide all possible imperfections on the face. For this reason, its beauty line has always been characterized by high-coverage products and remaining coverage 24 hours a day that day. So, its three new palettes, each made up of a total of nine shades, are highly pigmented and have smooth, blendable textures.

Pastel Obsessions

This new obsession comes in the form of a shadow palette, three palettes to be exact: is high, Mint And Pink. They each have five matte and three metallic shades that the brand describes as “gelatinous.” In addition, these products bring an innovation that the brand has not explored before: the marble shade. In fact, each palette has a marble-style shade that combines two colors.

These palettes have already been selected by cosmetics supplier Sephora as a ‘must have’ in your makeup bag. They are suitable for relaxed and casual makeup in colors, striking and vibrant eyeshadows that allow for a variety of daily and evening looks. All mini palettes contain two earth tones that can be used to create a more subtle makeup look, while also having more striking colors and purer palettes. Innocent style. Each of them is dominated by one color, pink in ‘Rose’, blues in ‘Mint’ and finally, purple in ‘Lilac’.

Two of the Huda beauty palettesTwo of the Huda beauty palettes

“Each one has a unique composition made up of a variety of contrasting pearls that create a multi-dimensional effect that appears two different colors on the skin depending on how the light hits it. People have the option of choosing a subtle, shimmery look, a highly pigmented matte look, or a Integrated look A little bit of both,” describes the brand’s owner, Huda Kattan.

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