Pantone 2020: Classic Blue, the perfect blue to decorate your home

Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year 2020. The perfect blue color to add a new touch to your home decor.

What better way to welcome 2020 than to start fresh, show up as the best version of yourself and leave the bad emotions behind. There is a trick to this: completely change or modify the decoration of your home. And this is what a person’s mood and decoration are closely related because to be happy, we need to feel comfortable in our home, the place where we spend most of our time every day.

For this reason, below we will talk about the Pantonone selected for 2020: Classic Blue 19-4052, or in other words, the perfect blue to decorate your home and change your life:

Changing the decor of your home will make you get rid of bad vibrations.Changing the decor of your home will make you get rid of bad vibes.

Pantone 2020: Classic Blue

If 2019 was characterized by a bright coral hue, then 2020 will be a little darker: a classic blue. It could be defined as a timeless color that we know will never go out of style and is timeless.adapts to all seasons of the year.

As Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explained, this a color full of connection, trust and faith, three terms that perfectly describe the situation of doubt that we are currently experiencing in the world. A situation of economic crisis, environmental crisis and social chaos.

This is a very timeless color that will never go out of style.This is a very timeless color that will never go out of style.

This blue tone It conveys safety, but at the same time conveys the feeling of the the one that the sea gives. Classic blue also symbolizes the dreams, sadness and feelings that Generation Z experiences.

Moreover, although it may seem incredible, since it is the color blue, it gives us peace of mind.. And sometimes, due to over-caring for our children, over-working, all the urgent tasks that we have daily, inspiration disappears and we lose ourselves.

If you don’t know how to combine this tone, You can seek advice from an expert who will explain how to combine it in your interior design.. A professional will find the best palettes to give your home a new look, and you’ll realize there are colors you never thought possible before. You can also get inspiration from articles you find online and in magazines, or photos that can help you see what the shades you want to pair with Calssic Blue will look like before you jump into the pool.

You may find inspiration where you least expect it.You may find inspiration where you least expect it.

Synonym for inspiration

The fact that you find a color that motivates you to decorate and look up how to use it in trade magazines or on the Internet makes you escape reality. And you can find inspiration in the most unexpected places. Finding the perfect idea will always provide you with motivation and another reason to be happy.because at the end of the process you will be able to contemplate with great satisfaction the long-awaited and desired result.

Synonym of courage

Classic blue is synonymous with inspiration, strength and perseverance. At the same time, this tone is elegant and simple, which makes it combining it with other colors, other materials or other designs, you are encouraged to take the reins and begin to achieve what you have long wanted to achieve, which you have never had the courage to do before out of fear of what people will say. Decoration, in addition to happiness, provides a break from routine, a break from the programmed, a risk, a bet and, in the end, a win.

Synonym for creativity

This shade of blue also conveys calm, offers refuge and helps focus the human mind. This provides clarity and helps us regain focus on our thoughts. So don’t hesitate and use Pantone 2020 to decorate your home. Give free rein to your imagination, come up with many combinations, give free rein to the desire to create and enjoy the task of decorating, because it will trigger the release of endorphins and your mood will significantly improve.

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<p>Moreover, when a person dedicates himself to decorating, he can play with colors, shapes and furniture even from different periods.  While it may be hard to believe, mixing trends and creating spaces that are so different from each other will result in a unique and enviable home that will always delight us.</p>
<h2>Pantone Color of the Year</h2>
<p>As usual, at the beginning of each year, Pantone releases a yearbook announcing what the color of the coming year will be. <b>This resolution has been influencing purchasing decisions in various sectors for over twenty years.</b>, among them interior design, fashion and industrial design.  This also influences product development and packaging.</p>
<p>To select this color each year, trend analysis and comprehensive research is carried out. <b>The final decision is made by Pantone color experts at the Pantone Color Institute.</b>they have to analyze the market very deeply in search of new inspirations and influences.  And they look not only at the textile or decorative industries, but also at the entertainment industry (art collections, new artists, films being made, top tourist destinations and even socio-economic conditions). </p>
<div class=This color is associated with brands from all over the world.This color is associated with brands from all over the world.

Pantone Color Institute

This is the division of Pantone where the experts who determine the color of the year are located. This institute is responsible for forecasting global color trends, indicating the main colors of the seasonal catwalk, and also advises and offers to interested companies. colors so that they can produce their products and provide a visual identity, brand image.

Pantone Color Institute using color psychology, predicting seasonal trends and color recommendations partner with brands around the world to take advantage of and the emotions evoked by the color chosen in your design strategy. This year, 2020, they chose a color that symbolizes new generations, and more precisely, the increase in disorders that they suffer from, such as anxiety or stress due to the emergence of new technologies.

How to combine classic blue?

The most suitable colors or tones to combine with this blue color are those colors that come from it, e.g. azure or blue. It can also be combined in contrast with warm colors such as beige or salmon.

This is the color that symbolizes new generations.This is the color that symbolizes new generations.

On the other side, White is a color that never goes out of style and can be mixed with any other.. It is a sophisticated, modern and elegant tone that enlivens without being overpowering or intimidating. Additionally, it stimulates extrasensory perception, spirituality and optimism. Indeed, when we are at home, we want to be free from stress, relax and leave behind a hard day of work and bad moods. Additionally, pairing blue with white will allow you to enjoy beautiful lighting as everything will look sharper, even if it is a space with little light.

Decorating tips

  • Dare to do it yourself: This is an Anglo-Saxon concept that means “do it yourself” in Spanish and involves the practice of making or repairing things yourself while saving money, having fun and learning.
  • It is important Say goodbye to everything you no longer intend to use.. Hoarding things will only overwhelm you in the future and take up space. This is a difficult and decisive step, but it’s time to stop accumulating everything that we don’t like and doesn’t bring us anything.
  • Just as you must throw away everything that is of no use to you, you will also have to keep in mind those memories that make you feel comfortable and good. The purpose of this is to bring your personality into the home, something that will make the person feel more connected to it and therefore more comfortable and happy.
  • Another decoration option that can help everyone awaken their creativity, attract inspiration, which allows you to play with various decorative elements… recycle old equipment. In addition, this is a very good option to help the environment and give a second life to something that is no longer worthwhile.
  • Save all the plastic and make the most of everything nature has to offer. Decorate with wood, wicker, esparto, but above all with plants., as they are the best allies in decorating as they bring light, color and happiness to your home. In addition, they are able to saturate the house with oxygen, since the aromas in the house are very important on a perceptual and emotional level. Of course, you will have to choose plants that can survive in your home.
  • The entry of sunlight will stimulate your body and give you more life.Natural sunlight has been shown to improve people’s moods and also strengthen bones due to the vitamin D contained in the light.

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