Paper or fabric napkins?

Although cloth ones are used less and less, it is likely that they are better and have more advantages than paper ones.

This is one of questions which many people do when setting the table. After all, everyone is looking for comfort, hygiene and decoration in their home. Another important point to pay attention to is to know in what cases to use one type of napkins or others. Moreover, this question has recently become more relevant due to environmental movements, and the question of which type has the least impact on the environment has been added to the previous questions.

For this we will make a list Advantages and disadvantages They have both paper and cloth napkins, and here you decide which one is better.

Benefits of using cloth napkins


In general, cloth napkins tend to be dressier than paper napkins. Although both can be perfectly decorated, however, the fabric that gives a more refined touch embroidered.

Cloth napkins are more environmentally friendly.Cloth napkins are more environmentally friendly.

They may have special meaning

Unlike paper ones, which are disposable, many people tend to pass on napkins, napkins and cutlery. from generation to generation. Thus, fabric napkins can become a special part of your decoration and also remain in your heart.

They are reusable

After use, they do not need to be thrown away, since their price is much higher than paper ones. You can use cloth napkins. put in the washing machine and after drying and ironing they are ready for use again.

They are usually used on special occasions.

Generally, cloth napkins are not used for casual, everyday dining as it would be a lot of work as they would have to be washed and ironed constantly. So they’re at special events like birthday or christmas when families usually bring their best tablecloths to receive family and guests.

Fabric napkins can be made to order.Fabric napkins can be made to order.

They are more environmentally friendly

Using cloth napkins is much more environmentally friendly than using paper napkins because the first ones you buy, the only thing you have to do is wash them to reuse them while others are disposable and when you buy them you will be investing in using plastic due to the packaging they come in and the use of paper.

Benefits of paper napkins


Nowadays, most people do not have enough time in the day to complete all the urgent tasks, so to make things easier and more bearable, they usually choose paper napkins as they do not require any maintenance, they Use and throw. Therefore, whether for daily use or any event, many visitors prefer to use this type of napkins to quickly get out of trouble and spend as little time as possible on this detail.


You can find this type of napkins decorated for wide range of activities, be it birthdays, Christmas, baptisms or communions. Additionally, they can also be found decorated like many of the plastic plates, glasses and cutlery sold in many birthday party stores.

You can buy one-time prints.You can buy one-time prints.


Economical price of these napkins. Much lower than cloth napkins. Since using napkins is necessary for all types of food, if you are looking for something simple and cheap, paper ones are the most recommended.

But given all the advantages of both cloth and paper napkins on the table, it’s time to talk about their disadvantages.

Disadvantages of cloth napkins


These types of napkins are usually much more expensive than paper napkins, as they provide more utility and are of higher quality.

These cloth napkins are more expensive.These cloth napkins are more expensive.

They require a lot of care

Cloth napkins require more care than paper napkins because they can be used several times and after use they will need to be washed and ironed to be ready for the next use. Therefore, many people who have these types of napkins at home prefer to use them only on special occasions and not on a daily basis, otherwise it will require additional work on their part every day.

Disadvantages of paper napkins


Although they are cheaper than the previous ones, since they are also disposable, their routine purchase can turn your costs into the same as for some cloth napkins.


Cloth napkins generally have a much higher quality of the product they are made from compared to cloth napkins.

paper napkins tear easilypaper napkins tear easily

Less environmentally friendly

Using this type of napkin has a greater environmental impact than cloth napkins. Although these cloth napkins are recycled in a paper container after use, when you purchase them, you use the plastic packaging in which they usually come.

After outlining all the advantages and disadvantages that the use of cloth or paper napkins can provide, the choice remains entirely in the hands of the consumer in accordance with his own interests.

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