Pencil fish: learn everything about this species

There are many types of fish, as well as those that can be kept in an aquarium.

Pisces are the calmest animals, whose calmness is transmitted to people who have them as pets. Such a pet can be kept in any home with complete peace of mind.provided that the aquarium maintains the necessary conditions for the species or species of fish contained in it. This time we will talk specifically about the red pencil fish – a very beautiful species of exotic fish.

The color of the red pencil fish: its most striking characteristic

Nannostomus morenthaleri, commonly called the red pencilfish, is a species that has recently been included in the aquarium theme and the fact of keeping it as a pet, like other fish. Its habitat is located in South America, namely in the basins of the Nanay River, located north of it is a very exotic species that is loved by fish lovers.

The red pencil fish has a very bright color.The red pencil fish has a very bright color.

If there is one thing that pencil fish attract attention with, it is their special color. The body of the pencil fish is quite robust compared to that of other fish, and its coloring attracts the most attention. This coloration consists of three dark horizontal stripes on a gold background, which makes them attract more attention.. The intensity of these bands will vary depending on the fish and its age.

Adult males have a much redder and more intense coloration than females, making it quite easy to distinguish between fish species. The fins, dorsal, caudal and anal fins will be the same color. Additionally, the black bars will vary in intensity., thereby determining the social level of each individual. Between the two lines that meet at the top is the red color that starts from the eye and ends at the caudal fin.

Must live with other fish

Fish species can be very diverse, from those that are best suited to living alone in an aquarium to those that do best with other fish, both of their own species and others. In the case of the red pencil fish, it is very important that it lives in a community because this fish needs to be around other fish.. These fish are very sociable among themselves, so they live very calmly with other fish of their species.

Red pencil fish should live together in an aquarium.Red pencil fish should live together in an aquarium.

If you have a pencilfish in your aquarium, it is important to know that it must be accompanied by other fish. These fish are sociable, so they have to live in communities so as not to become depressed and feel lonely.. There should be about twelve fish in these communities so that they can play with each other, chase each other and enjoy each other’s company.

What to consider when choosing an aquarium

If you have fish as pets, the aquarium issue is important. These animals require that their environment be clean and suitable for their needs. always, so it is very important to know well what the aquarium needs. There can be many aquariums, you can make them yourself, place objects, plants and so on, but there are aspects that should not be overlooked.

The food of red pencil fish varies depending on the day.The food of red pencil fish varies depending on the day.
  • Aquarium water: The size of the red pencil fish does not exceed 4 centimeters, which allows it to live calmly and comfortably in an aquarium, the volume of which does not have to exceed 60 liters. The water should be slightly acidic and PH should be around 6.5. As for the temperature, it should be noted that it should be around 24-28 degrees Celsius.
  • Food for pencil fish: The red pencilfish is an omnivorous species that will adapt to any type of food once it finds its home in a new aquarium. The food that will need to be provided in the first stage will be live or, if not, then frozen. In this case, the options would be a red and white grub, a cyclops, or something similar. When a little time has passed, they can be given dried products or in granules.
  • Aquarium plants: These fish need plants in the tank so they can hide and enjoy their foliage. These plants will serve as shelter. in case they feel attacked, and also to play with them.

Without a doubt, these are some of the most interesting fish for people who love this world, and in particular for hobbyists in a developed state, since they require more specific and specific care than other species. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a red pencil fish. in your aquarium and write down everything you need.

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