Penelope Cruz – Hair like Peccia Belleza

Side part, updos or long hair are some of the star hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz.

This is one Big icons Museum of the Spanish Cinema and Fashion Industry. Surely you know who we mean. Penelope Cruz, the actress who charmed us in “Jamon, Jamon,” who moved us in “Wolverine” and who led us to the murder of Gianni Versace in the second season of “American Crime Story.”

Her chameleon face on small and big screen is reflected in her hairstyles. The actress has tried Different types of hairstyles, long hair, straight bangs with updos or midi hair. However, one of her most recurring looks is her long hair of intense jet black with lighter highlights.

Almodóvar’s muse managed to claim the title of one of the best looks of the many red carpets she’s walked. And Alcopentas’ style is impeccable. Elegance is one of them Great allies, which shines through long dresses and impeccable updos. He is not oblivious to the trends of the moment which he adapts to his austere style.

Different hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with her hairDifferent hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with her hair

For this reason, it is not strange that you sometimes have to achieve some of their hairstyles. With this Analysis In the beauty of Penelope Cruz, you can feel like one of the muses of Almodovar and Karl Lagerfeld. To style your hair like one of the best actresses in the country, you have to take into account A series of criteria. One of them is the side part, which the artist uses in countless looks.

Another hairstyle she usually wears is an updo or semi-updo, depending on the style she chooses for the occasion. At the Chanel show, in tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld, one of his muses, Penelope Cruz, was seen with a half-updo where her hair appeared wavy and part of her hair was tied into a ponytail. The beauty flaunted natural and luminous makeup, matching the white design she chose for the iconic designer’s farewell. If you’re into Penélope Cruz’s style, you’re into this Analysis of the best hairstyles of the actress.

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An upgrade could be in order A symbol of elegance. Award ceremonies require a high degree of formality. All celebrities want to be the center of attention, they want to be named “best dressed” and occupy the covers of fashion media. Buns are a hairstyle that goes hand in hand with these quotes.

Different hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with sideburnsDifferent hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with sideburns

Penelope Cruz knows this all too well, the actress who always uses an updo to complete her red carpet look. Additionally, she usually wears this hairstyle in a very specific way. translator Gather all of your hair into one updo, which goes to medium height. To set the entire mane, he combs it with hair gel, leaving that wet look. This way, you enhance your makeup without moving a single hair out of place.


There are many types of hair splitting. One of them is the side part, a section that is easy to reach and can be worn in many ways. Straight, wavy or curly, side part I don’t understand the patterns. It suits any hair regardless of its length. This is a hairstyle that can be worn by someone with long hair or a short pixie. Plus, it’s perfect for those who want more volume on one side of their hair.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to find out Natural separation Manny’s. This way, you can avoid that twirl that can ruin a great hairstyle. Not every person has a defined category. You should always try the three classics. The key is to find a section that looks good on your face.

Different looks of actress Penelope Cruz with long hairDifferent looks of actress Penelope Cruz with long hair

Long hair

One Classic hairstyles The actress has long brown hair. This is one of the looks that represent the taste and preferences of Javier Bardem’s wife. Wind-blown hair is one of her favourites, and she has proven this in countless events where she has appeared with this style.

In fact, this beauty gives you enough game to achieve it Wide range of hairstyles. Waves, curls or straight are some of the looks the actress has tried with her long hair. And what’s more, this actress never ceases to amaze us with her beauty for red carpet and street style outfits.

Straight to scale

Where the hair is flat, instead of going for a shapeless straight look, we go for volume. And that’s exactly what Penelope Cruz, one of the actresses who wore this reinvention of traditional straight hair, does. This hairstyle straightens the hair, but leaves the natural shape and volume. This way, the end result will be a look Big, natural, rebellious, fresh and original. Additionally, this beauty can be styled with middle and side parting. It all depends on the shape of the face or the look we want to achieve.

Different hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with volume and straight hairDifferent hairstyles of actress Penelope Cruz with volume and straight hair

Another point worth highlighting Hair length. And can’t understand straight block hair. It can be worn with both midi and maxi hair. Unlike other hairstyles where hair length matters, straightening doesn’t make any difference. Anyone can wear it for any occasion.

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